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Play vid-comic Episode Four is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the Starship Phoenix. After Captain Qwark did not escape the Leviathan, following his funeral, Al gave Ratchet the fourth Qwark vid-comic episode, Deja Q All Over Again, which had come in the mail for Qwark. Ratchet believed it may provide a clue to Dr. Nefarious' best plan and played it.

A skill point and titanium bolt can be earned by playing the vid-comic.


Deja Q All Over Again must be completed after it is obtained in order to continue with the story. The vid-comics have to be played in order, so if you have not yet completed Arriba Amoeba! or Shadow of the Robot, they will have to be played first.

As before, it is good to aim for the hidden health upgrade, as this is helpful when completing other vid-comics.

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