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Play the Qwark vid-comic Episode 2 is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the Starship Phoenix. Ratchet won the second Qwark vid-comic episode, Arriba Amoeba!, from the first Annihilation Nation gauntlet challenge "Deathcourse Challenge", while competing to win the Tyhrra-Guise.

A Skill point and titanium bolt can be earned by playing the vid-comic.


Arriba Amoeba! can be completed at any time once it is obtained, but is required to progress with the remaining vid-comics. Completing it immediately after Annihilation Nation can provide a boost in bolts which is helpful right away, meaning it is good to complete it now.

While completing the vid-comic, it is good to aim for the hidden health upgrade, as it will help when completing other vid-comics.

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