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Play the Qwark vid-comic is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the Starship Phoenix. After repairing the laser defense shield on Marcadia, Ratchet and Clank encountered Al, who was using Capital City's defense system to play a Qwark vid-comic. When Clank fixed a feedback loop, Al gave them the first issue, Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder. The two returned to the Starship Phoenix to play the comic, hoping it would restore Captain Qwark's memory.

A skill point and titanium bolt can be earned by playing the vid-comic.


Return to the Starship Phoenix and head to Ratchet's quarters, where you can play the vid-comic.

After it is completed, a series of cutscenes will commence, leading to the next mission, "Win the Tyhrra-Guise". Before leaving to Annihilation Nation, consider visiting the vendors on the Starship Phoenix. The armor vendor offers Magnaplate armor for 10,000 bolts which can provide resistance if needed; however, only purchase this if you've been struggling so far, as it is possible to save for more resilient armor later and instead use the bolts now on weapons. Also, visit the Gadgetron vendor; if you have a Ratchet & Clank save, you can use it here to get a discount on weapons purchased at this vendor.

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