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Plasmabots[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank. They are blargian robots used by Drek Industries during the attack on Gorda City, Oltanis, in the mission "Find the survivors of the blarg attack" and "Purchase Gadgetron PDA from 'Steve'", where they are found hiding in underground containers appearing only when Ratchet gets in range, and also use the grind rail. In the robot factory, Quartu, they are found defending the base in the mission "Find out more about the Ultra-Mech". Their weaponry and movement is vaguely similar to the electroids, as they attack firing a wave of electricity, though it is fired at a longer range.

Plasmabots are medium-sized, dark red robots with a slightly humanoid shape, using a sphere of light in place of legs, a small torso with claw that rotates and fires electricity from their left arm (similar to the Tesla Claw, and a normal right arm. They have glowing green eyes, a red antenna, and a glowing green button in their torso. Plasmabots' strength lies both in their numbers and the long range of their electric blasts, which they fire in a sweeping attack in front of them, deadly when combined in a group. The best options against them is the Glove of Doom, as throwing it can deal with multiple at once relatively quickly. The Bomb Glove's range and blast radius allows it to take out a few before their blast can hit, and the Devastator also serves as a useful but costly alternative due to its ammo cost to kill a single plasmabot. On Oltanis, they pose a weakness as it takes them time to get into position when arriving from underground containers, giving Ratchet the opportunity to throw a Glove of Doom or similar weapon against them early.


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