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The Plasma Whip is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Up Your Arsenal and Secret Agent Clank. It is a melee weapon that functions similar to Ratchet's wrench, though it deals more damage and has additional effects.

In Up Your Arsenal, it can be upgraded to the Quantum Whip, and upon reaching challenge mode, can be upgraded to the Mega Quantum Whip. In Secret Agent Clank, it can be upgraded to the Plasma Cord.


Up Your Arsenal

The Plasma Whip was made available from any Gadgetron vendor upon reaching Florana. It could be upgraded to the Quantum Whip with use. It required for the Whip It Good challenge in Annihilation Nation. Upon reaching challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega Quantum Whip from any Gadgetron vendor for 180,000 bolts.

Secret Agent Clank

The Plasma Whip differed slightly in appearance and upgrade paths. It upgraded to the Plasma Cord rather than the Plasma Whip, and there were two available mods for it: the fire snake mod for 25,000 bolts, and the flame trails mod for 35,000 bolts. It was delivered to Ratchet under the guise of the "Plasma Whipcream cake".[1]


The Plasma Whip is a short metal device with a rubber grip from which a whip of plasma is generated. In Up Your Arsenal, this grip is green, and the plasma whip generated is orange. When upgraded to the Quantum Whip, the whip becomes dark blue and black instead.

In Secret Agent Clank, the grip is orange, and the whip generated is blue.


The Plasma Whip is wielded identically to the wrench, with the same moves, though it is used with the fire button rather than the wrench button. It has much more range than the wrench, and greater damage. Unlike the wrench, and unlike past melee weapons in the series, it has set ammo, meaning that to maximise damage with it, the player should solely use the Plasma Whip by throwing it at enemies, or slamming it down on them.

The Plasma Whip's range is decent, but its main strength is its radius. Due to the variety of moves it has, it can handle many sorts of enemies effectively. However, as a weapon acquired early on, it will be quickly outclassed by stronger weapons, and its damage will feel underwhelming compared to weapons acquired later on.

In both games, the Plasma Whip when upgraded will have additional effects, such as leaving a longer-range trail damaging enemies further away after slamming the whip down or swinging it. In Secret Agent Clank, this requires the flame trails mod for 35,000 bolts and the fire snake mod for 25,000 bolts respectively, while in Up Your Arsenal, it only requires upgrading with use.

Behind the scenes

The Plasma Whip was similar to the Lightsaber in that it was a melee weapon generated from a small bar.

The Plasma Whip was available as a weapon for Ratchet in PlayStation Move Heroes.


  1. Video clip is titled "Plasma Whipcream cake" in Secret Agent Clank.
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