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The Plasma Coil is a weapon manufactured by Megacorp in Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal. It is a long-range weapon which fires a bolt of plasma and electricity which damages both its target and shocks nearby enemies. The Plasma Coil is a short, blue and silver pistol with three rotating holed claws on the end and a large electric nozzle. It fires blue blasts of plasma which shock enemies. The Plasma Storm is a rifle, with the same color scheme, larger claws with three holes, an even larger nozzle and a left-hand grip to be held with.

The Plasma Coil can be upgraded to the Plasma Storm with use, which fires a plasma bolt that shocks enemies within its range as it travels through the air. In challenge mode, can be upgraded to the Mega Plasma Storm.


Going Commando

The Plasma Coil was available for purchase from a Megacorp vendor upon reaching Joba for 150,000 bolts. It could be upgraded to the Plasma Storm with use. For 750,000 bolts, the Mega Plasma Storm upgrade could be purchased from any Megacorp vendor in challenge mode.

Up Your Arsenal

The Plasma Coil was made available for 250,000 bolts (or for free if the player had a Going Commando save file) from Slim Cognito in Aquatos after Ratchet and Clank reached Koros. It had five levels total, with V5 being the Plasma Storm. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega Plasma Storm for 820,000 bolts from any Gadgetron vendor, which could upgrade up to the Omega Plasma Storm.

Comic series

In the comic series, the Plasma Coil reappeared, now known as the "Tesla Coil", and was used by Artemis Zogg. In Ratchet & Clank: Issue 5: Multiple Organisms he threatened to kill Talwyn Apogee and Vorn Garblak with it, and later in Ratchet & Clank: Issue 6: Bros Before Foes, he threatened to kill Talwyn with it again. He planned to use it to kill Ratchet, but was stopped before he got the chance.


Ratchet using the Plasma Coil on a group of thugs.

The Plasma Coil fires a ball of plasma which damages targets on touch as well as anything in the vicinity of the plasma orb on impact. It deals significant damage, and its ability to shock nearby enemies makes it very powerful at defeating groups of larger enemies. Though it has limited ammunition, players can be efficient with it by aiming it against enemies clustered together, maximizing the damage dealt with it. Its very high range, strength, and ability to shock multiple targets make it extremely useful in any circumstance.

The Plasma Storm is even greater than the Plasma Coil in damaging multiple targets at once, for its lightning now arcs to nearby enemies as the orb travels past them. It could clear rooms of small to medium enemies with only a couple of blasts, and its power made it extremely useful against bosses if aimed directly at the target. The Plasma Storm was arguably one of the most useful and strongest weapons in Going Commando aside from the very expensive RYNO II. It remained one of the strongest weapons in Up Your Arsenal.

In Going Commando, the Plasma Coil can be modified with the Acid Mod and the Lock On Mod. While the latter served little practical use, the former is very useful for the Plasma Coil and Plasma Storm due to their ability to spread their damage across multiple enemies, thereby applying the damage over time effect to multiple enemies. As the Plasma Storm is arguably the most useful and easily obtainable weapon of the high-tier weapons in Going Commando, the player should choose to prioritize this mod for it.

In Up Your Arsenal, the Plasma Coil has four steps to its leveling, though these levels provide the same improvements as the modifications in Going Commando. It gains acid damage at V2, and lock-on at V3. At V4, it simply gains increased power. The weapon is an excellent choice to level up, as it is effective in all circumstances.