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No official name has been given to this subject in any licensed Ratchet & Clank media; as such, a descriptive name was chosen.

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The pirate doorkeepers were space pirate heads fixed on specially locked doors and devices leading to certain paths. They only allowed other space pirates to enter. To prove that one was a pirate, they had to dance the Pirate Jig and if they were successful, the doorkeepers opened the door. They, like all pirates, were fooled by Ratchet's Holo Pirate Disguise. However, when Ratchet was on the Kreeli Comet, most of the pirates were informed that he was using a disguise, but the pirate doorkeepers still believed that Ratchet was a pirate.

In Quest for Booty, there were pirate doorkeepers placed at Darkwater Cove, Planet Merdegraw. They no longer made Ratchet dance, although they instead gave him other challenges such as fighting a certain amount of enemies, playing Captain Darkwater's "Concerto of Doom" (using a giant, four-keyed organ), mixing grog, or fixing a pattern.


  • When Ratchet was on the Kreeli Comet, the pirates were informed that Ratchet was using the Holo Pirate Disguise; however, the pirate doorkeepers still believed that Ratchet was a pirate.
  • When Ratchet dances the jig while a group of pirates dancing with him. After dancing, the pirates will keep dance until Ratchet kills them
  • The doorkeepers generally had standard phrases for when Ratchet was or was not in disguise, but if Ratchet were to talk to them when not in disguise, they had two different responses if they were talked to again:
    • "You again‽ Take a hint mate! Pirates only…"
    • "I already told ye— Eh. Sorry. I thought you might've been this furball that is been… snoopin' around. Sigh… dance the jig and prove yer worth."
  • The Bartender had the same head as pirate doorkeepers.


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