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The Pilot's Helmet is a gadget in Ratchet & Clank developed by the blarg. It is designed to aid with piloting blarg fighters, and allows the wearer to pilot and navigate the ship through a direct neural interface.[1] Ratchet initially became aware of the item through a (failed) video demonstration by Blarg Scientists on an infobot, which he bought from the Deserter. He eventually found the prototype helmet in the Blarg Depot on planet Gaspar in the mission "Find the Pilot's Helmet".

He then used the helmet in three different blargian jet fighters, namely on Jowai Resort, Pokitaru, during the mission "Destroy the blarg ships", in which he had to destroy a group of Blarg waste disposal tankers that were polluting the resort.[2] He later used it again to pilot a jet fighter at the Gemlik Base to try and shoot down Captain Qwark. Lastly he stole and piloted a jet fighter while aboard Drek's fleet, to destroy a series of turrets while progressing through the mission "Find the coordinates for Drek's laser".


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