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Phonica Moon[1] was a moon orbiting planet Magnus.

The moon was the secret lab location of Dr. Croid, where he hid from Nevo Binklemeyer. The heroes had to infiltrate it through its security tunnels and destroy its generators to reach the doctor to find out how to destroy Ephemeris. The moon is completely controlled by Croid's Forces, and there is not a single Minion on it. The moon is also full of hostile creatures such as the Phonica Moon Anthropods, Lurkers and Craterpedes.



  • Ornithopter Ascent
  • Phonica Craters
  • Security Tunnels
  • Dr. Croid's Secret Lab

Native Wildlife

Phonica Moon is a moon orbiting planet Magnus. While the moon is less habitable than Magnus, it's full of extremely hostile creatures. As with Magnus, it's home to Critters too.


  • Craterpede: Large centipedes creatures that hunt in the many craters of Phonica Moon. They have many body segments held together by electric impulses. They tend to get in the way, and they only way to kill them is to blast every body segment until nothing but the head segment is left and then blow it away. They become a danger when fighting Lurkers.
  • Lurker: These odd predators look like the head of the cut five-Eyed Tyhrranoid with flippers. They live in acid pools of Phonica Moon, popping up in one hole spit toxic globs at prey, then submerging into the acid only to pop up by another random acid pool. Use the Warmonger on them to take them out.
  • Phonica Moon Anthropod: These creatures are similar to other Anthropods found across the galaxy as they slash the heroes with their pincers. One hit will take them out, but beware as they travel in groups, and are often found near Craterpedes and Lurkers .

Other Creatures

Croid Forces

Phonica Moon is heavily defended by Dr. Croid's own personal army. So far attempts by the Minions to capture it have all failed. Here is a list of these robots fought on the moon.

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