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The Persuader is a black market device outlawed on most planets and for good reason. It uses illegal technology to warp minds. We at Gadgetron do not support this device since our Vendors are vulnerable to its power.

In-game description

The Persuader is an item in Ratchet & Clank which provides a varying discount to weapon prices at Gadgetron vendors. It was originally designed by Fred, a gadget engineer that Ratchet and Clank met at the Blarg Tactical Research Station, to control minds, but fails to do so. It is a black market device using illegal technology outlawed on many planets, unsupported by Gadgetron Corporation.[1]

The Persuader is acquired on Pokitaru, where Ratchet and Clank can find Fred in the sewers and obtain the Persuader in exchange for granting him Raritanium (found on Hoven in the mission "Explore the Icy Wastes").

Weapon Original price Persuader price Discount %
Pyrocitor 2,500 1,250 50%
Blaster 2,500 1,250 50%
Glove of Doom 7,500 5,000 33%
Mine Glove 7,500 5,000 33%
Taunter 2,500 1,250 50%
Devastator 10,000 7,500 25%
Walloper 7,500 5,000 33%
Visibomb Gun 15,000 10,000 33%
Decoy Glove 7,500 5,000 33%
Drone Device 7,500 5,000 33%
Tesla Claw 40,000 30,000 25%


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