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Pepper Fairbanks was a radio news announcer stationed in the Polaris Galaxy. With her co-anchor, Kip Darling, they had a news bulletin between segments of space radio, usually triggerred after Ratchet left a planet in the Breegus system.

Fairbanks also covered the invasion of Luminopolis and the unleashing of the Z'Grute. A portrait of her appeared on a flying bot that appeared to be associated to a "Channel 7."[1] She had two antennae.


  • She was most notable for being unprofessional when working, with Kip Darling emphasising with a reference to her unprofessionalism after every news report.
  • Her co-anchor, Kip Darling, thinks she is a Vacuous-Soul-Devouring-Demon-Spawn who feasts on the hopes and dreams of the innocent for sustinance. However, this may have been an insult.
    • Similarly, he said that she had horns.
  • She announced that the light eating Z'Grute was the seventh massive creature of destruction that Galactic President Qwark has helped unleash since his inauguration. She was broadcasting in Luminopolis at the time.


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