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Nothing is stronger than the power of the mind!

Emperor Otto, SM

Emperor Otto Destruct was the deceitful and mysterious emperor of his race, the Technomites, whom were believed by many in the Solana Galaxy to be mere tall tales. Oddly interested in cloning Ratchet to create his own army of Ratchets for reasons unknown, he used the Technomite piloted robot/mech Luna to lure Ratchet and Clank into a trap on planet Kalidon in order to extract the Lombaxes' vital DNA.


The Age of Otto Destruct

At some time, Otto Destruct became the ruler of the Technomites. 

Qwark's Father?

Emperor Otto was the one who commissioned Ratchet's clones to be created and tried to kill Ratchet and Clank once they have discovered the truth. He actually wanted Ratchet's DNA to make the clones and use them to gather up all the smartest beings in Solana and use the mind transplanter that he created to put all of their intelligence into his mind, making him the smartest creature in the universe. Due to the fact that Ratchet and Clank operated as a team, the new clones were not particularly effective and as a result, Otto took it upon himself to destroy the duo.

He tricked Captain Qwark, via a website called "", into thinking that he was Qwark's father so that he could use him against Ratchet and Clank. In reality, Skrunch discovered that Qwark's parents were great heroes in their day but were actually killed by defective Technomite technology.

Otto's Clones

Interestingly enough, the Ratchet clones never seemed to be a truly perfect copy of Ratchet. The ones that resembled him the most had nowhere near as much as health as real Ratchet did, the slimmer ones were a lot faster but seemed to be stretched out versions of the true Ratchet, and the muscular, bulkier ones were far slower and more grotesque than the real Ratchet. All clones had also different weapons, although they were all copied from real Ratchet (i.e., the most perfect clones had Lacerators and Wrenches).

All of these forms were fought during an endurance battle, which preceded the battles with Otto Destruct himself. In the final scene, Qwark was swaggering to the fast clone, the muscular clone and the most Ratchet-like clone was replaced by a small, big-armed clone, which would not be fought. All clones (the muscular, the fast, the big-armed, and the almost perfect clone) were seen in the Battle-Ratchet TV ad in the final scene.

Battles with Otto

There were several stages that Otto was fought in; one where he was far larger than usual, due to using the Shrink Ray where he attempted to crush Ratchet underfoot and with various obstacles while the Lombax fled; another was when he was larger, but fought as a miniature Giant Clank, and a final form where he was his normal size and fought with psychic abilities. His attacks all followed a fairly simple pattern, and he usually had a shield that took extensive firepower to bring down. Using the Agents of Doom was a good way to bring down his health while you could avoid his attacks. When his health was about 1/3 gone, he lost his shield permanently but never stopped attacking. At this point, you would use your Static barrier to shield yourself successfully against his attacks, and continue using your Agents of Doom and your Bee Mine Glove, and stay on the offensive with another weapon such as the Lacerator, the Shock Rocket, and the RYNO.

It would be recommended that you had the Gadgetron PDA before the battle, as the respawning crates almost never spawned the correct type of ammunition, and even when they did, it was much simpler to simply buy the ammunition you would need via the PDA. The only exception was that the Static Barrier could not be bought or respawned at all during the battle. The extra delivery cost was generally made up for by using far less time than the crate method did.

Otto the Monkey

In the end, Otto's own invention was his undoing. After hearing the truth, Qwark became extremely angry and strapped Otto into the mind transplanter and threatened him with giving him his own stupid brain. Ratchet tried to reason with Qwark and while doing so, Otto managed to grab Ratchet's Shrink Ray and shrink Qwark, preventing him from doing the transplant. But instead Skrunch jumped onto the machine and put his intelligence into Emperor Otto, giving him the intelligence of a monkey and, quoting Clank, Skrunch "a new family member."


After Otto Destruct was defeated, Ratchet and Clank were awarded with medals for once again saving the Solana Galaxy in Secret Agent Clank and Otto was seen in the background. After getting the intelligence of a monkey, it is presumed he now lives with Skrunch on Florana due to Clank quoting he has become another family member.

Character Details

Family and significant relations

According to Otto Destruct had a wife.

Otto Destruct would go on to claim that he was Qwark's father via, in order to manipulate the fraudulent superhero.


While Otto may not be able to handle himself in a physical fight, he makes up therefor with his psychic abilities - which he was able to utilize by absorbing intelligence via his special machine. He can create an energy shield, create telekinetic waves, giant hands to crush opponents with, and can even create a telekinetic bomb. He also has missile launchers on his shoulders, which he used to battle Giant Clank.

He also has super intelligence and is an excellent strategist, as shown as how he created the Ratchet Clones, an entire Technomite army, and an intelligence transfer machine, and how he came up with a plan to get the information and sample they needed.


Behind the scenes

Otto Destruct's name is a play on the phrase "auto-destruct," short for automatic self-destruct, possibly referencing the fact that his own invention was used against him in his defeat.

Multiplayer skin

Multiplayer - Otto

The Otto Destruct skin

Otto Destruct is also one of the skins that can be used in the Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters multiplayer modes.

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