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Otto Destruct is the main antagonist of Size Matters. He is the emperor of the technomites, and a manipulative villain who created an army of Ratchet clones in his pursuit of power. As his race is unknown to most of the galaxy, Destruct himself was able to operate mostly beneath public notice.

Otto Destruct plotted in secret to kidnap Ratchet and extract his DNA in order to build an army of clones. Though he made others believe his goal was to exact vengeance on a galaxy that had taken the technomites for granted, his real intentions were to use a machine he had created to become the most intelligent being in the universe. Though he deceived Ratchet and Clank with a robot named Luna luring them into a trap, and deceived Captain Qwark into believe Destruct was his father, they eventually defeated him and used his own tool against him, switching his intelligence with Skrunch.


Otto Destruct constructed a device on Quodrona capable of transferring the intelligence from one being into another.[1] Recognizing that the famed hero Ratchet's power was beyond that of even his most powerful robot soldiers, he then put forth a plan in motion to create his army of Ratchet clones.[2] Though his goal was to use the army to gather every intelligent being in the solar system,[1] he told others that his plan was to exact vengeance on behalf of the technomites, who had grown tired of being taken advantage of when everyone uses their technology without giving them credit.[2]

Otto's Faux-Family.com

In order to take Ratchet's DNA, he had Luna, a technomite robot, pose as an innocent schoolgirl to lure Ratchet and Clank into a trap, while recording Ratchet with several cameras tracking his move to gather information needed for the clone army. Meanwhile, Otto Destruct created a site called Faux-Family.com, fooling Qwark into believing that he was Qwark's father.[3][a]

Otto's transmission to Luna.

From Medical Outpost Omega, Luna reported that the Ratchet clones were successful, and a single Ratchet clone could defeat 26 of the best technomite soldiers before being defeated. Destruct was pleased with the progress, reporting himself that Qwark's mind was easy to manipulate.[4] While Ratchet and Clank chased and defeated Luna, Destruct was building out his Ratchet army on Quodrona. Clank acquired the coordinates to Destruct from Luna after her defeat.

Otto while enlarged.

In "Defeat Otto Destruct", Ratchet and Clank confronted Destruct. He revealed to them that his intentions were never about bringing the technomites respect for their work, but using his device to become the most intelligent being in the universe.[1] Destruct then had Qwark help him fight Ratchet and Clank, and after Qwark retrieved the Shrink Ray from them, he used it to enlarge himself and try to stomp the duo. Following this, Ratchet shot Destruct's Shrink Ray to reach the same height as Destruct, following which Destruct simply enlarged himself once more, and Clank grew to a Giant Clank form to combat him. After a battle, Destruct then accidentally shrunk himself, and Ratchet and Clank defeated him.

Qwark putting Otto into the machine.

After finishing Destruct, Skrunch revealed to Qwark who his true parents were, and that they had been killed by defective technomite technology. Enraged, Qwark attempted to switch his intelligence with Otto Destruct's, against the warnings of Ratchet and Clank. Skrunch tampered with the machine, following which, Otto Destruct's intellect was switched with Skrunch's, leaving Destruct to think he was a monkey. Otto Destruct's Ratchet clone army were decommissioned, and instead commercialized as an action figure product named Battle Ratchet.[5] President Phyronix also awarded Ratchet and Clank a medal for defeating him.[6]



Otto Destruct is a tall, slim technomite with a long goatee and a round head, with red markings on the side, and supported by a narrow neck. He wears regal clothing in the form of a red cape with golden trim. Otto's build is in contrast to other present day technomites, in the form of the shock troopers and technomite electro soldiers, but is in-line with those seen in technomite statues on Ryllus. This may suggest that Otto's build is commonly found in technomite leaders but not in average technomites.


Otto Destruct is conniving and arrogant. He craves intelligence and believes it to be the most powerful thing in the universe,[1] a belief which is his driving motivation to sap the intellect from other sentient life forms. Destruct is condescending and dismissive towards those he views as beneath him, frequently mocking Qwark's lack of intellect,[4][7] while entirely dismissing Ratchet and Clank as a threat to him.[1][8]

Destruct's defining trait is his reliance on deception and manipulation of others around him. His plan first involves deceiving Ratchet and Clank by luring them to a trap using Luna, while another component of his plan involves fooling Qwark into believing he is his father. Destruct even seems to be deceiving his own subordinate technomites about his intentions, as Luna states that Destruct's plot is about gaining the technomites credit for their work,[2] suggesting Destruct's true intentions are known only to himself.


Otto using his shield power.

Otto Destruct's main strength is his own brain power. This comes in the form of his deceptive plotting, his creation of the device he would use to swap brain power,[1] as well as his psychic abilities. When linked up with a device in his own laboratory during his battle with Ratchet and Clank, Otto Destruct used telekinetic shields, waves, hands, and bombs against Ratchet.

In other settings, Destruct makes up for his lack of combat prowess with other devices. Against Giant Clank, he used shoulder-mounted missile launchers attached to a jetpack, and in others still, he stood atop a hovering chair that kept him at a distance from his foes.

Behind the scenes

Otto Destruct's name is a play on the phrase "auto-destruct". He is voiced by Jim Ward, who also voices Captain Qwark.

Otto Destruct is also one of the skins that can be used in the Size Matters multiplayer modes.




  1. It is possible that Luna reported to Otto Destruct, as she overheard a conversation Qwark had with Ratchet and Clank in which he mentioned never knowing his real parents.