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The clock, much like time itself, is a gift, and not to be tampered with.

Orvus to Clank., ACiT

The Orvus Chamber was a chamber in the Great Clock and it was the main hub of the facility. It possessed the ability to control the flow of time itself, and Orvus originally sealed himself inside the chamber to prevent it from being misused by those who would use it for their own personal gain. Clank was the only other individual who could access the chamber.

Control Terminal.png

The Control Terminal was located in the Orvus Chamber, created solely to control the flow of time. After Alister Azimuth attempted to reverse time restore the Lombaxes to their former glory, Ratchet accidentally broke the terminal switch. However, Alister replaced it with his double-ended wrench, also known as a Praetorian Omniwrench, and used all his might to push the switch back into its correct place. Unfortunately, he sacrificed himself in the process, leaving Ratchet to be the only known Lombax still in the Universe. The Control Terminal was fixed shortly after the battle.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

The Orvus Chamber was pursued by Dr. Nefarious so that he could turn back time to give villains another chance at victory, but never managed to reach the Clock due to Ratchet's intervention. Alister Azimuth also wished to enter the chamber so that he could turn back time to prevent the Lombaxes being decimated by Percival Tachyon, resulting in their escape to another dimension and Azimuth's exile.

After Azimuth killed Ratchet in a fit of rage, it was accessed and used by Clank to reverse the flow of time by 6 minutes in order to prevent Ratchet's death. Azimuth eventually did reach the lever and attempted to turn back time, but after he was defeated in battle, the Orvus chamber began falling apart. Ratchet attempted to stop it, but the lever broke off. Azimuth stepped up and proceeded to stop it using his Praetorian OmniWrench and succeeded, but the resulting burst of energy killed him. The Chamber was later restored by Ratchet and the Zoni he had collected in his travels.


  • The door to the chamber had a symbol on it which doesn't appear to represent anything. When opening the chamber, the symbol formed the head of Clank.
  • When Orvus made the chamber, he made a scanning device which scans anything or anyone standing on a panel outside the door, so the only ones who could enter were Orvus and Clank. However, others could enter the chamber once the door was open. Sigmund mentioned never entering the Chamber, so that it is assumed he was not allowed in. Neither Ratchet, Azimuth, Nefarious or Lawrence were associated with the Clock in any way, so that they could only enter if the door was already open.