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Hello, XJ-0461! And welcome to your subconscious. I am Orvus, and I've been anticipating your return for quite some time.
— Orvus to Clank, ACiT

Orvus is the creator of Clank, and a major support character in A Crack in Time. He is the brightest Zoni and presumably their leader, and the creator (more dearly as father) of Clank and the Great Clock.

Orvus created the Great Clock, an enormous machine designed to maintain time and fix dangerous time anomalies. It was created to repair damage done to the universe after overzealous use of time travel. He then created caretakers, robots who he entrusted to watch over the Clock, including Sigmund and Clank, to watch over it. Orvus has since vanished and gone missing in action, though he is still alive.[1]

Orvus is the brightest Zoni, and the only one who is seen functioning well independently, whereas other Zoni work as a hive-mind. He is also the only one with distinct features, and the only one to carry a Chronoscepter. Orvus cares deeply about Clank, and considers him a son. Orvus is also revered by many races, such as the fongoids, who look to him almost as a religious icon.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank

Time-space rip

A rip in time-space caused by the Fongoids

Before the Great Clock was constructed, the fongoids were given the gift of time travel by the Zoni. Through abuse of this gift, they created a small tear in the space-time continuum which destroyed 83 celestial entities. In order to fix this rift, Orvus created the Great Clock to keep time in balance, and disallowed the fongoid use of time travel. Nonetheless, Orvus did grant them a Zoni Vessel.

At some point, Orvus found Sigmund, a cleaner bot in planet Viceron, and recruited him as Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock.

Clank memory

An image of Clank from Orvus's data banks

After eons passed, Orvus created Clank, his son, in the Great Clock, giving him a robotic body and a Zoni soul, and installing a program of himself into Clank's subconscious for Clank to access at a Mnemonic station. Clank would then born in a robot factory on planet Quartu, and Orvus would make a recruitment video for Clank with Sigmund, explaining why the Great Clock was made.

Pre-A Crack in Time

Walkthrough 140

Orvus being shot and weakened by a blast from the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler

Dr. Nefarious requested a meeting with Orvus and Pollyx on planet Zanifar, an offer which Orvus accepted. Nefarious then managed to trap Orvus in a transparent container similar to a Zoni Vessel and tried to force Orvus to revealing how to enter the Orvus Chamber in the Great Clock. Pollyx scanned Orvus's memory, and was unable to find anything. Nefarious blasted Orvus with the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, and Orvus simply declared that only one who was far away from Nefarious could enter the chamber, referring to Clank. Orvus managed to hold off the beam, and then disappeared in a flash of light, after which he was not heard from again, though he did survive.[1] Pollyx nonetheless could produce a residual image of Clank from Orvus's data banks, prompting Nefarious to then search for Clank.

A Crack in Time

Orvus message

Orvus's final message to Clank

The Clock, much like time itself, is a gift, and not to be tampered with. But like any father, my only wish is that my son does that which makes him feel whole. You are an intelligent and logical being, Clank, but intelligence and logic would have been wasted gifts without honor and loyalty. I am proud to see you came into those on your own. So, should The Clock be too small for your plans, I pray the cosmos light the way towards a future, you yourself design. And remember, the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. The trick is, learning how to take a joke. Heheheheheh!
— Orvus's final message to Clank, ACiT

When Clank had been awoke, Sigmund trained Clank to be the Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock. The digital version of Orvus in Clank's subconscious trained him while using Mnemonic Chambers. Clank would then watch many of the videos and tutorials that Orvus had created for Clank when preparing Clank for the role of Senior Caretaker. Clank eventually learned of Orvus' defeat after a meeting with Nefarious, and then created Time Portals from the Clock for Ratchet to use on Zanifar. Ratchet was unable to prevent Orvus' capture.

Orvus had made a final message to be played when Clank had entered the Orvus Chamber. Even though he wanted Clank to watch over the Clock in his place, Orvus said that his only wish was that Clank did what "made him feel whole". Clank chose to go with Ratchet in the end, realizing he couldn't leave his friend, granting the Chronoscepter to Sigmund and promoting him to Senior Caretaker before flying off into the stars with Ratchet in search of another adventure.



Temple of Zahn Orvus

A statue of Orvus in the Temple of Zahn

Orvus' appearance differs from the usual Zoni appearance. His eyes are green, he has a mouth, and he has a much taller body. He also has a lighter metallic suit with a yellow orb on top with a symbol resembling the one on Alister Azimuth's armor. His face is much more expressive than other Zoni.


Unlike other Zoni, which are a hive-mind and rarely have individuality of their own, Orvus is much more expressive and individual. He has a very similar personality to his son Clank, as both have great intelligence and a great sense of humor. He is also very determined and strong willed, as seen during his confrontation with Nefarious.

Orvus' laugh also sounds very similar to Clank's.


As a Zoni, Orvus presumably possesses all the usual traits of his race, though he is presumably more powerful alone. He is the brightest Zoni in existence, and is the only known Zoni to have individuality of his own. His intelligence allowed him to create the Great Clock. Orvus also wields a Chronoscepter, allowing him to make full use of its abilities.

Behind the scenes

Orvus was given large, green eyes to visually resemble Clank, along with having Clank's signature laugh to make a connection between the two.[2]

Orvus was written as a combination of both of senior writer T.J. Fixman's grandparents.[3]


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