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Orvus is a major support character in A Crack in Time and one of the brightest Zoni in existence. Presumably a leader for the race, he is the true creator of Clank and was the architect and designer of the Great Clock.

Due to the history of the fongoids and the Zoni, the fongoids see Orvus as a religious figure in their society after he personally entrusted them with important information as well as artifacts such as the Zoni Vessel. Unlike other Zoni, Orvus' power and intelligence is not affected by the hive-mind state of the rest of his race. He also cares deeply about Clank, watching over his journeys with Ratchet as a caring father.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank

A rip in time-space caused by the fongoids

Many eons before the construction of the Great Clock, Orvus and the Zoni entrusted the fongoids with the gift of time travel to enrich their lives. However, through abuse of this gift, the fongoids created a small tear in the space-time continuum which destroyed 83 celestial entities. In order to repair the damage and to ensure that it could not happen again, Orvus created the Clock to maintain temporal normality across the universe and watched over it as its Senior Caretaker. Orvus would later find Sigmund on Viceron working as a cleaner robot, recruiting him to act as Junior Caretaker, where the two became good friends.

Many years later, Orvus created Clank's soul under the name of XJ-0461 and ensured that he was born into a robot body from a factory on planet Quartu. He installed a digital simulation of himself into his son's subconscious, designed to teach Clank of his family and his eventual inheritance of the Clock, while also recording orientation messages for the robot to view later. He would then spend much of his time watching over his son's adventures from within the Orvus Chamber.

Pre-A Crack in Time

Orvus being shot and weakened by a blast from the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler

At some point before Clank was brought to the Clock, Orvus was contacted by a scientist who requested a meeting with him to talk over their accomplishments. With etiquette compelling him to accept, Orvus instructed Sigmund to keep his absence a secret and travelled to Zanifar to meet the scientist. Unfortunately, the scientist turned out to be Dr. Nefarious, who then captured Orvus in order to extract information on the Clock and its powers.

An image of Clank from Orvus's data banks

After being repeatedly weakened by Nefarious' Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, Orvus still refused to talk, gravely warning that the Clock was not to be used as a time machine. Nefarious lost his patience and ordered another attack from the Scrambler, but Orvus simply declared that only one who could enter the Chamber was far away from the doctor's clutches. Orvus then used his powers to disappear in a flash of light. Though able to survive Nefarious' attempts, his ultimate whereabouts remained unknown.[1] Pollyx was nonetheless able to produce residual image from Orvus's data banks on his heir, prompting Nefarious to then search for Clank.

A Crack in Time

Orvus's final message to Clank

The Clock, much like time itself, is a gift, and not to be tampered with. But like any father, my only wish is that my son does that which makes him feel whole. You are an intelligent and logical being, Clank, but intelligence and logic would have been wasted gifts without honor and loyalty. I am proud to see you came into those on your own. So, should the Clock be too small for your plans, I pray the cosmos light the way towards a future you yourself design. And remember, the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. The trick is learning how to take a joke.

Orvus's final message to Clank

Following his capture by the Zoni, Clank was told of Orvus by Sigmund and the digital version of the Zoni in his subconscious while inside the mnemonic stations. Confirming that he was Clank's father, the digital Orvus taught the robot the skills he would need in order to inherit the Clock and act as Senior Caretaker in his stead.

Despite accepting his duties, Clank was unable to learn what happened to the real Orvus due to Sigmund's promise of secrecy. However, he eventually learned of his father's fate from eavesdropping on the message the Zoni left behind. After Ratchet was able to contact the Clock using an Obsidian Eye, Clank pleaded with the Lombax to use a time portal on Zanifar to try and save Orvus. Despite being able to scar Nefarious in the process, Ratchet was ultimately unsuccessful.

Orvus was revealed to have left a final message for Clank when he entered the Orvus Chamber. Even though he wished for Clank to look after the Clock as his heir, he ultimately admitted that his fatherly instincts wanted Clank to do whatever was best for him, even if that meant leaving the Clock. After the final battle with General Azimuth, Clank decided to leave with Ratchet after realizing his friend meant more to him than being the Caretaker. He promoted Sigmund to Senior Caretaker, hoping that Orvus would understand his decision.



A statue of Orvus in the Temple of Zahn

Unlike other members of his race, Orvus' appearance differs from the usual Zoni. His eyes are a blue-ish green, he possesses a visible mouth, and he wears a pointed head piece with a yellow time-related sigil imprinted on it. His body is also larger than other Zoni, wearing a lighter metallic suit with metal appliances that resembled wings on his back. Orvus is also seen numerous time wielding the Chronoscepter that he would eventually give to Clank.


Though the other Zoni act a hive-mind and rarely have individuality of their own, Orvus is much more expressive and individual. He has a very similar personality to Clank, as both have great intelligence and a sense of humor, shown with their near identical laughs. He is also very strong willed when it comes to protecting his work, but has a much softer side when it involves Clank. According to Sigmund, Orvus would often be very vocal about his pride in his son.


As a Zoni, Orvus appears to possess all of the usual traits of his race, involving teleportation, levitation and the manipulation of time and space. However, he is thought to be much more powerful due to his lack of reliance on a hive-mind, possessing an intellect capable of rearing and watching over the flow of time itself.


  • Orvus was given his large eyes to visually resemble Clank, along with having Clank's signature laugh to make a connection between the two.[2]
  • Orvus was written as a combination of both of senior writer T.J. Fixman's grandparents.[3]
  • His voice actor Charles Martinet is best known for voicing Mario in the Mario series.


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