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Ready the orb of gratuitous immobilization…

Dr. Nefarious ordering Lawrence to activate the device, ACiT

The orb of gratuitous immobilization was a device used by Dr. Nefarious' butler, Lawrence. It was specifically designed to render anyone caught in its blast motionless and incapacitated for a brief period of time. It is unknown exactly where the device came from, although it is likely that it was an invention of Nefarious himself.


After Clank escaped imprisonment within the Great Clock with assistance from Sigmund, he was trapped on a balcony with no escape and confronted by Nefarious and Lawrence. After a short conversation, Nefarious ordered Lawrence to prepare the device. He then walked away from Clank's position so that he would not be caught in the blast. Lawrence pulled it out, and upon activation, it began spinning and floated towards Clank. It then turned into a cylindrical shape and spun much faster as it let out a small energy blast. This paralyzed Clank, causing him to freeze solid and fall to the floor, stiff and unconscious. He was then recaptured.

Later, inside the Orvus Chamber, Lawrence confronted Clank and Sigmund as they were watching a holo-message from Orvus, and interrupted the message. Sigmund frantically shouted to protect the chamber from the intruder, but was too late. Lawrence quickly tossed the orb into the air, and the blast paralyzed them both before they could do anything.

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