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Operation: URBAN STORM is a Galactic Rangers operation in Up Your Arsenal taking place in Metropolis, Kerwan. It is the fourth Ranger operation, is entirely optional, and comprises five missions out in Metropolis skyscrapers. Only one mission in the operation is ground based, as three involve the use of the hovership, and the final involves the turret. Completing the operation unlocks the Map-o-Matic.

After Dr. Nefarious used the Biobliterator on Metropolis to transform all lifeforms in the city into robots, including the tyhrranoids, the tyhrranoids were much stronger than before, now known as the robonoids.


The second bolt prize is always one-third of the first bolt prize, whereas the third bolt prize is always one-tenth of the first bolt prize, all prizes are also rounded down to a number divisible by 100.

Mission Description Prizes in bolts
First Second Third
Countdown The Tyhrranoids have occupied Metropolis and planted timed explosives throughout the city. When the clock runs out the entire area will be vaporized. Using the Hovership, locate and neutralize all of the charges before it is too late. 10,000 3,300 1,000
Urban Combat The bomb threat is over but the Tyhrranoids still control most of Metropolis. The Rangers are preparing to counterattack and drive the invaders out, but first, they'll need a foothold in the city. Skydive in and make sure the operation goes as planned. 35,000 11,600 3,500
Tower Attack After failing to destroy the Ranger assault force, the Tyhrranoids have fallen back to four towers in the city center. Use the Hovership to wipe out these last pockets of resistance. 20,000 6,600 2,000
Air Superiority The ground war has been won, but the skies over Metropolis are still buzzing with enemy ships. Use the Hovership to wipe out the enemy air force and achieve air superiority. 15,000 5,000 1,500
Turret Command The Tyhrranoids have launched a desperate last ditch offensive to retake Metropolis. Beat back the assault using a newly constructed ion-cannon turret. 20,000 6,600 2,000


This mission puts Ratchet in control of the hovership, where the goal is to destroy six explosive charges placed across the towers in this portion of Metropolis, marked by the green markers on the map, in under three minutes. Each of the explosive charges is guarded by garrisons of flying robonoid commanders, robonoid saucers, ultra mecha-robonoids, or sometimes, 'noid missile stations.

It is not required to actually engage the enemies at all, and destroying the explosive charge will destroy the enemies around them. Therefore, fly at a safe distance where the hovership has a good aim of the explosive charge, and fire from there. This will allow you to destroy the explosive charges and take minimal damage. It should be possible to do this in under three minutes, as little time is spent on the enemies that only serve as a distraction.

Urban Combat

This mission is a ground combat mission that begins with a HALO jump. Dodge the missiles and land to the battlefield, which takes place on a flat rooftop, where enemies can either come from the right or left bridges. After landing, three-eyed robonoids, robonoid commanders, and ultra mecha-robonoids attack from the right. The Rift Inducer is the best weapon here, as placing and combining black holes on the bridge before the enemies arrive can stem the flow. Otherwise, the Miniturret Glove is a viable alternative to defend the bridge, and the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun are best against all the enemies.

Robonoid saucers will then fly in, along with tyhrranoid dropships dropping in enemies from the back, while enemies come across the bridge on the left. The dropships here are considerably tougher than those in the main Metropolis segment, so it may be best to avoid them and focus on the enemies they drop instead unless you are confident you will destroy them, as ammo is precious. A good strategy is to use to place black holes or miniturrets in some areas while focusing on others with the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun. In particular, the robonoid saucers are often too separated to target with a black hole, and the robonoid commanders often fly high above the ground away from a black hole's reach.

After defeating a few waves, robonoids will then attack from all areas. This attack can be overwhelming, so consider using well-placed Rift Inducer black holes or miniturrets to stem the flow, and make sure to use the Agents of Doom to supplement your damage. Consider also using the Holoshield Glove for added defense. Use your weapons of choice, and remain defensive, as this is the final round of this mission, and the only ground combat mission in the entire operation.

Tower Attack

This mission is a hovership mission in which the objective is to clear each of the four towers of enemies. Robonoid commanders, mechs, saucers, missile stations, and three-eyed robonoids in garrisons defend each of the towers. The robonoid commanders provide the biggest threat, as they will fly over and fire their pistols which can do significant damage, but luckily can be dodged if you worked out where they are aiming and fly around them.

As with before, firing at the tower from a distance far away enough that the enemy cannot detect you but you can still aim is the best route, as it will mean fewer enemies can aim back at you, and those that can are easier to dodge. After defeating the bulk of the enemies in a tower from a distance, close the gap a bit to clear out the rest, and move onto the next tower. It is possible to lure the saucers away from the towers and into the vicinity of the many Rangers that stand guard in the area, and let them do your work for you.

Air Superiority

This is a hovership mission in which the objective is to destroy all tyhrranoid dropships. Most of the dropships will fly around the map and fire at the Rangers, while a few will fly over to engage Ratchet's hovership. Otherwise, they will engage the hovership if they meet it partway through their flight pattern, but do not actually stop and will only return fire. The best way to destroy the dropships is to fly slightly above them and fire this way, as they have a harder time aiming at the hovership when it is above them.

Turret Command

This is a turret mission in which the goal is simply to destroy all the saucers and dropships that appear. The saucers can be destroyed in one hit, while the dropships can sustain a little more damage, though the dropships take longer to get into their position. Watch the minimap and prioritize dropships first, unless saucers are closer and are already in position to attack, in which case destroy the saucers that pose the immediate threat. The number of saucers can be overwhelming, so it is best to spin the turret around quickly while firing to catch as many as possible.