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Operation: ISLAND STRIKE is a Galactic Rangers operation in Up Your Arsenal taking place on Kavu Island, Tyhrranosis. It is the second Ranger operation, and comprises four missions on Kavu Island. It is the first Ranger operation to involve the hovership, and is the first in which the v2 version of the one-eyed and two-eyed tyhrranoids appear, which are slightly stronger than the previously fought tyhrranoids.

The battle took place on a remote military base on Kavu Island, where both the Rangers and the tyhrranoids had set up a base. After defeating the Momma Tyhrranoid, Ratchet and Clank first defended the Rangers' base from an assault and captured the hovership. The hovership was used to destroy Kavu Island's defenses and the tyhrranoid dropships, before the assault was then taken to the enemy base, after a Ranger named H-26 gave his live to deactivate the forcefield.[1]


The second bolt prize is always one-third of the first bolt prize, whereas the third bolt prize is always one-tenth of the first bolt prize, all prizes are also rounded down to a number divisible by 100.

Mission Description Prizes in bolts
First Second Third
Assault on Kavu Island The Ranger base on Kavu Island is under ferocious assault by the Tyhrranoids. Repulse the enemy attack then lead a raid to capture a Hovership launch pad at the center of the island. 8,000 2,600 800
Dogfight over Kavu Island The Tyhrranoids have launched a massive air assault against the island. Use the captured Hovership to drive back the enemy air fleet. 12,000 4,000 1,200
Operation Thunderbolt The Tyhrranoid base on Kavu Island is protected by an impenetrable force field. While the Rangers work out a way to deactivate the field, take a Hovership and wipe out the Tyhrranoid forces in the surrounding area. 16,000 5,300 1,600
The Final Battle The Rangers have succeeded in deactivating the forcefield surrounding the enemy base. The time has come to lead a Ranger Force into the enemy base and destroy the Tyhrranoids completely. 20,000 6,600 2,000

Assault on Kavu Island

Note that the Holoshield Glove is now available at the vendors, a useful weapon against direct enemy fire. The first mission involves first defending the Ranger base and then fighting waves of tyhrranoids to capture the hovership pad. It begins with a HALO jump in which Ratchet must dodge missiles before landing near the Galactic Rangers base with two surviving Rangers. You are then greeted by one-eyed tyhrranoids and three-eyed tyhrranoids, while the base is attacked by two ultra mecha-tyhrranoids. Use a weapon of choice to help deal with the enemies. After this, use the bolt crank nearby to extend the bridge.

A group of three-eyed tyhrranoids and mechs will cross the bridge, but they will not attack until they are very close. This gives you good opportunity to shoot from a distance. As they are clustered together, weapons such as the Nitro Launcher and Spitting Hydra are effective, and the Miniturret Glove helps slow their advance as usual. Once they are all defeated, proceed across the bridge.

When you cross the bridge, a 'noid missile station will activate. If you get close enough, it will start firing its missiles at you, which fly up in the air, before landing on top of you. If you have the Flux Rifle, the best strategy is to simply shoot them from a distance before they can target you. Otherwise, wait until the missiles are close to you, then sideflip while strafing to avoid them, and fire long-range weapons such as the N60 Storm, Suck Cannon, or Spitting Hydra against them. As you proceed further forward, two more missile stations appear, as well as tyhrannoid mechs that stand on elevated platforms and fire from range, which provide major threats. Shoot them with the aforementioned long-ranged weapons while the Miniturret Glove and Agents of Doom clear up the rest of the enemies.

For the final stretch, four 'noid missile stations appear and several more tyhrranoids warp in. Head up the plateaus on the left for crates to refill ammo and nanotech, and then try to deal with the wave of tyhrranoids before the 'noid missile stations can target you (if it is not possible to just use the Flux Rifle to snipe them). Once all enemies are defeated, the mission is complete.

Dogfight over Kavu Island

Dogfight over Kavu Island.

This mission involves controlling the hovership and using it to defeat a wave of tyhrranoid dropships. The Rangers are stationed around the island to providing assisting firepower, which help against the tyhrranoid saucers, while the main focus is to destroy the dropships. Avoid the dropships' as much as possible, as it is not possible to repair the ship, by rising or descending at the right moments. A good way to do this is to fly higher than the dropships when they attack you, as they are poorer at aiming upwards. Aside from this, focus on the dropships until the mission is complete.

Operation Thunderbolt

Operation Thunderbolt.

This mission involves using the hovership again, this time to destroy all the tyhrranoid forces on Kavu Island. These consist of 'noid missile stations, ultra mecha-tyhrranoids, with tyhrranoid dropships also flying in. All these enemies will pose a threat to you if you encounter them all at once, but are positioned in clusters together, meaning it is easy to pick off these groups one-by-one. If too many engage at once, it is possible to retreat by flying back a distance, and only some will follow.

The 'noid missile stations are best destroyed from a distance, by firing at them from a position that they cannot target you. If their missiles do fire, simply fly around fast enough and they will fail to hit you, or blow them up mid-air. With the tyhrranoid mechs, their laser can be avoided by shifting the hovership, rising, or descending quickly just as they charge up their laser. The dropships are fought similarly to the previous mission; fly above them and their aiming will be more difficult, then shoot at them from the vantage point. Once all enemies are destroyed, the mission is complete.

The Final Battle

The last mission is on foot, and involves capturing the tyhrranoid base. The mission starts from the Ranger base, after which you will cross the bridge to fight a group of saucers and three-eyed tyhrranoids, and dropships will appear with tyhrranoid mechs. One dropship will fire at you after descending to the ground, but it is just a drive-by shooting; it is unlikely that you have the firepower to destroy it now, so just dodge its fire. Take out the tyhrranoids with your weapon of choice, and use the Agents of Doom and Miniturret Glove to provide supplementary firepower. If you have the Holoshield Glove, it is a good idea to deploy it in front of you to take the damage.

After this, proceed forward, where a larger group of tyhrranoids show up. One-eyed tyhrranoids also appear, which are useful as ammo for the Suck Cannon. As you clear out the waves of enemies, climb the plateau on the left. From this vantage point, you can fire ranged weapons at the tyhrranoids further down, and they will be unable to aim. Proceed forward to the bridge leading to the enemy base. You will be confronted by a group of saucers as you do.

When you reach the base, it will be guarded by two gatling turrets on either side, as well as tyhrranoid mechs perched atop the base. There are also many one-eyed tyhrranoids that will be continuously warped in, providing useful Suck Cannon munition, and three-eyed tyhrranoids that will defend the base. Defeat them, and then target the base. Dodging is crucial here, as the gatling turrets and mechs can deal considerable damage if they hit. Against the turrets, fire your strongest damaging weapons, and against the mechs, fire long-ranged weapons such as the N60 Storm or Flux Rifle. Nanotech crates can be found around the base if needed, but otherwise, make sure to evade fire and eventually destroy all the enemies.


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