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Operation: DEATH VALLEY is a Galactic Rangers operation in Up Your Arsenal taking place in Outpost X12, Aridia. It is the final Ranger operation, and comprises five missions in Outpost X12. One mission involves the hovership, while the rest are ground missions, two of which allow the turboslider to be used. Completing the operation unlocks the Warp Pad.

Aridia came under attack by tyhrranoid forces while Ratchet and Clank were searching the crash site on Zeldrin. Ratchet helped repel the tyhrranoid attack from the Rangers' base before pushing them back into red rock valley. After defeating the robonoid commanders, Ratchet then led an assault against the tyhrranoid base.


The second bolt prize is always one-third of the first bolt prize, whereas the third bolt prize is always one-tenth of the first bolt prize, all prizes are also rounded down to a number divisible by 100.

Mission Description Prizes in bolts
First Second Third
The Tunnels of Outpost X12 Tyhrranoids are attacking the Ranger base at Outpost X12. Defend the base and clear the tunnels of enemy troops. 10,000 3,300 1,000
Ambush in Red Rock Valley The Rangers are surrounded and pinned down in Red Rock Valley. Help them to escape from the trap! 15,000 5,000 1,500
Assassination We now know that the Tyhrranoids forces on Outpost X12 are led by several Four-Eyed alien commanders. Find and eliminate all of the Four-Eyed Tyhrranoids to disrupt the enemy's command and control. 20,000 6,600 2,000
Reclaim the Valley Now that the Tyhrranoid commanders have been eliminated, the enemy forces in Red Rock Valley are vulnerable to counterattack. Four auto-turrets have been placed in the valley by the Galactic Rangers. Activate all four turrets to secure the area. 25,000 8,300 2,500
X12 Endgame The Tyhrranoids are now falling back from the valley with the Rangers in hot pursuit. Push through the tunnels and capture the enemy base by wiping out all ground forces and defensive turrets. 30,000 10,000 3,000

The Tunnels of Outpost X12

The first mission is a ground mission in which the objective is to defend the base against the tyhrranoid attack and then push back and obtain the hovership, granting access to Red Rock Valley. At the start of the mission, ultra mecha-robonoids and three-eyed robonoids will warp in and attack across the bridge. Using well-placed Rift Inducer black holes or turrets from the Miniturret Glove can dispatch them before they cross, otherwise, the usual weapons apply. The Qwack-o-Ray is also effective against most of these tyhrranoids and requires no ammo, but is not essential.

When they stop warping in, you are required to cross the bridge yourself. As you do, a few more mechs and one-eyed robonoids will attack, trying to slow your advance. Consider using the Agents of Doom to provide defense when crossing and push back against them, then enter the next room where a few mechs are parked. After destroying them, defeat the robonoid saucers and one-eyed robonoids, then destroy the tyhrranoid dropship located outside the base and enter the hovership to complete the mission.

Ambush in Red Rock Valley

This mission is a hovership mission in which the objective is to defend the Rangers on the center platform from attacks on all fronts. The enemies that attack include three-eyed robonoids, mechs, saucers, and dropships. For this mission, it is best to fly relatively high up so as to get a view of the battlefield and detect threats, but also because doing so makes it difficult for the enemies to target you, allowing you to avoid most of the damage. The tyhrranoids will mostly only attack from one island at a time, making it relatively easy to defeat them.


This is a ground mission in which the objective is to destroy six robonoid commanders around the map marked in green. Ratchet has access to the turboslider for this mission, which helps travel around the map more quickly. Each robonoid commander has a garrison of tyhrranoids, but it is not mandatory to destroy all the enemies. The robonoid commanders are particularly tough enemies with a lot of health that deal considerable damage, and are best defeated with weapons such as the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun when up close, or sniped using the Flux Rifle.

The first robonoid commander is located atop a plateau near where the mission starts. Head right and defeat the three-eyed robonoids and mechs to then climb a grav-ramp to defeat the commander. Next, take the turboslider across the bridge to the second commander. The commander can either be sniped using the Flux Rifle, otherwise head to the plateau at the back to cross a bridge where this commander is located. Drop down to use the turboslider.

The third robonoid commander is located on the largest bridge on the map. Though the turboslider can reach it, it is very difficult to aim at it, meaning it is best to simply to defeat it on foot. This commander has a garrison of saucers with them that must be destroyed. After this, across the bridge is the fourth commander, which is once again located atop a plateau that can be climbed using a grav-ramp at the back. This commander is guarded by saucers that only reveal themselves once atop the plateau. The fifth commander is located underneath a structure in the northwest island; it is not required to climb the structure, so simply defeat the robonoids guarding the path underneath and kill them.

The sixth commander is located in the central metal island and is guarded by saucers. It is best to simply snipe this commander from a distance after clearing out the robonoids that attack, rather than risk using the Hypershot to reach then.

Reclaim the Valley

This is a ground combat mission in which the objective is to reactivate four node turrets around Red Rock Valley, which are activated by turning a bolt crank. Each turret has a garrison of enemies nearby which will interrupt Ratchet from turning the bolt crank, meaning they must be defeated first as a priority before it is activated. The turboslider can be used again for this mission to get around the valley, but is incapable of defeating any enemies on its own.

The first turret nearest the player seems safe at first, but a few 'noid missile stations placed on a plateau above it as well as several three-eyed robonoids and mechs located near make it unsafe. Either use the grav-ramp at the back to clear out all enemies, or just destroy the missile stations and other enemies from below. The second turret is located just adjacent to the large metal bridge on the map, and there is little resistance around it; the garrison located on the nearby plateau is unable to have an effect.

The third turret is also located adjacent to the large bridge but is on the other side, and is guarded by a few robonoids as well as a 'noid missile station. It is best to fire at a clear distance from the missile station so that it cannot target, and then activate the turret. The fourth is located behind the structure on the northwest island; to activate it, it is crucial to destroy the nearby tyhrranoid garrison, particularly the 'noid missile stations located atop the structure. Once this and all turrets are activated, the mission is complete.

X12 Endgame

The final mission is a ground combat mission in which the objective is to capture the tyhrranoid base. Most of the same strategies as the first mission apply. When the mission begins, three-eyed robonoids and mechs will be seen retreating into their base. Destroy them, and a group of saucers will appear to block the entrance. As you defeat them and head into the next room, a larger group of saucers deploying one-eyed robonoids will appear, though the Rangers will provide assistance.

Once destroyed, head forward to find more robonoids coming across the bridge. Much like the first mission, well-placed Rift Inducer black holes are very effective. A tyhrranoid dropship will then fire through the tunnel exit, and must be destroyed to proceed. After this, the tyhrranoid base' gatling turrets will activate to provide defense. The gatling turrets are best destroyed using the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun, and their machine guns can be dodged with the usual sideflips, or by using cover, such as the Holoshield Glove. Once destroyed, the mission is complete.

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