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Operation: BLACK TIDE is a Galactic Rangers operation in Up Your Arsenal taking place in Blackwater City, Rilgar. It is the third Ranger operation and comprises three missions in the docks of Blackwater City. The three missions are all ground combat based, with no vehicles involved. The operation must be completed to earn the Gravity Boots.

The tyhrranoids attacked Blackwater City while Ratchet and Clank exploring Obani Pollux. The Rangers sent Ratchet a distress signal while he and Skidd McMarx were trying to access a lock. Upon receiving it, Ratchet traveled to Rilgar to help the Rangers repel the assault, by first defending the Ranger base, then capturing the bridge, and finally capturing the tyhrranoid base.


The second bolt prize is always one-third of the first bolt prize, whereas the third bolt prize is always one-tenth of the first bolt prize, all prizes are also rounded down to a number divisible by 100.

Mission Description Prizes in bolts
First Second Third
The Battle of Blackwater City The Ranger base in Blackwater City is under attack from both land and air. Skydive down and ensure that the base doesn't fall into enemy hands. 15,000 5,000 1,500
The Bridge The Tyhrranoid attack has been stopped in its tracks. Now it's time to go on the offensive. Lead a Ranger squad to capture a bridge leading to the Tyhrranoid base. 20,000 6,600 2,000
Counterattack Capture the Tyhrranoid base and destroy all enemy forces in the area. 25,000 8,300 2,500

The Battle of Blackwater City

As with most Ranger operations, the mission begins with a HALO jump in which the goal is to dodge the missiles that appear. After this, the goal is to eliminate the tyhrranoid forces that attack the base. This begins with a group of three-eyed tyhrranoids and ultra mecha-tyhrranoids attacking through the bridge, and both enemies will take cover behind blocks to fire at the Rangers. The best weapons against these enemies at this stage are the Annihilator, the Flux Rifle, and the Disc Blade Gun, though most ranged weapons are viable substitutes. Using the Miniturret Glove to deploy miniturrets around the area is also very effective in maintaining map control, and the Agents of Doom can supplement your firepower.

As the first wave of enemies are defeated, tyhrranoid dropships will deploy several more. Unlike previous missions, if you possess the Annihilator, Flux Rifle, or Disc Blade Gun, you have the firepower to destroy them before they even drop any. Destroy them and the enemies that come, and a group of tyhrranoid saucers deploying one-eyed tyhrranoids will attack. Tyhrranoid saucers are weaker than three-eyed tyhrranoids or mechs, meaning it is best to preserve ammo for weapons such as the Annihilator, and instead use smaller weapons or simply the Miniturret Glove to deal with them. The one-eyed tyhrranoids can be dispatched using the usual Lava Gun, Plasma Whip, or simply sucked in as Suck Cannon ammo. After this, one final wave of mechs and three-eyed tyhrranoids will come across the bridge; deal with them the same way as before.

The Bridge

This mission takes place just next to a bridge across the enemy base. Though a force field blocks the path across the bridge, any weapons fired will go straight through the force field and damage the enemies on the other side. Either side of the bridge, two Rangers take cover behind a block, with tyhrranoid mechs firing across them and saucers flying through. It is best to destroy these saucers and the mech on the other side of the bridge first to keep the Rangers alive, and then focus on the mechs and saucers that come across the bridge through the force field. Enemies will not attack until they have passed the force field, thus using anything to attack them before they get the option is best.

After a few enemies are killed, tyhrranoid dropships will fly over and drop three-eyed tyhrranoids from behind the Rangers. Like before, you can use the Annihilator or Flux Rifle to simply destroy these dropships before they drop any, and then just wipe out any that are left behind. Several one-eyed tyhrranoids then come across the bridge, which take little effort to clear out (but can provide Suck Cannon ammo). Finally, mechs and three-eyed tyhrranoids will come across the bridge. Protect the bride with miniturrets or Agents of Doom and fire any weapons as normal to destroy them.


The objective of the final mission is to capture the tyhrranoid base. As the mission starts, the Rangers will be held up behind cover, while four tyhrranoid mechs fire lasers assail them. Head forward when the lasers are not firing and destroy them to proceed, or simply fire at them with a ranged weapon from behind cover. After this, the gatling turrets on the base will activate. They can sustain considerable damage, meaning the Annihilator, Flux Rifle, or Disc Blade Gun are best against them.

After this, the Rangers will head forward and take cover. It is good to use the Miniturret Glove to place miniturrets around this area to help secure it. Several tyhrranoid saucers and one-eyed tyhrranoids will attack first, and after dealing with them, tyhrranoid dropships will deploy more three-eyed tyhrranoids and mechs. The same strategies for dealing with these enemies apply, though due to their increased number, consider playing more defensively if you have an issue, by dodging more often or making use of the Agents of Doom often. After a few waves, the tyhrranoids are defeated, and the mission is complete.

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