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Oozla is a planet in the Bogon Galaxy featured in Going Commando and mentioned in All 4 One. It is a wild, swampy planet, home to a Megacorp Outlet. The planet's swamps are overgrown with weeds and swampland, home to hostile, indigenous, mutated swamp life.


Going Commando

Shopping Spree

Angela robbing the Megacorp store with two thugs.

After Angela fled her flying lab on Aranos due to Ratchet's infiltration, she requested the Thugs-4-Less, who she had recently hired, to meet her on Oozla.[1] When she arrived with the Thugs, searching for a map of the current quadrant of the galaxy, she instead robbed the store and took one to her liking, throwing the clerk against the wall and deactivating the outer perimeter defenses on the way out.[2] This allowed the mutant swamp life to overrun the outlet and the surrounding area.

Abercrombie Fizzwidget sent Ratchet the footage of the robbery and assigned him the mission "Find the store entrance" to search for signs of Angela, Megacorp employees, or any store items on sale.[3] Ratchet explored the swamp and encountered swamp monster I, a large monster with enormous tentacles that preyed on the remaining Megacorp employees.[4] Swamp monster I only attacked with its eye stalk and two tentacles, but Ratchet was able to defeat it and reach the outlet. He obtained the Dynamo, which he needed to use to explore the store interior. After reaching further inwards, he received a transmission from Fizzwidget, informing him that Angela had been sighted at the Maktar Resort, and that the Thugs-4-Less had towed a moon-sized jamming array into the resort's orbit, interrupting the Galactic Gladiators broadcasts.[5] Ratchet was intrigued by the gladiator sport and traveled in order to disable the jamming array.

In "Explore the swamp ruins", Ratchet also searched the swamp, looking for ruins of previous inhabitants left behind in case anything was still operational.[6] While exploring the ruins, he found a Megacorp employee still alive: the Megacorp Scientist. The scientist put on a demonstration for his new device, the Tractor Beam. As he was the only one to witness, Ratchet volunteered, only to be thrown around as the gadget moved the platform he was standing on. He then purchased the Tractor Beam for 1,000 bolts.

After obtaining the Gravity Boots, Ratchet used a grav-ramp in the Megacorp Outlet to confront swamp monster II, the "Mother Beast" that had spawned the other mutant swamp beasts in the area.[4] After defeating it, he obtained the Box Breaker.

All 4 One

A few critters on Magnus were mentioned as hailing from Oozla. These included the Fire Red Slugnarg, Coastal Slugnarg, Dry Gulch Slugnarg, Purple Menace Vroktopod, Briny Vroktopod, and Infected Vroktopod.



Megacorp Outlet map

Map layout of the Megacorp Outlet.

Oozla is a swamp world which, aside from the Megacorp Outlet, appears to be completely wild. It is overrun with swampland and weeds, surrounded by green swamp water that devours those who fall inside. Several islands are scattered over the swamp water, with tall trees scattered around them, green plants with large leaves, spiked weeds growing along the hills, breakable brown-colored plants with spiny offshoots on tall, purple stalks, and algae growing thick over the dark brown rocks. A few of the local flora are large, carnivorous plants reminiscent of venus flytraps, and after being stood on, they will close their mouths to bite.

In between the swamp water, several small rock plateaus and lily pads can be found floating above, providing a surface that can be hopped over to traverse the otherwise impassable waters (though the lily pads will sink if stood on for too long). A few ruins of old buildings left behind by previous inhabitants[6] can be found, mostly sunk in the swamp. It also rains heavily throughout the swamp.

Dragon boat render

A dragon boat.

The wildlife appears to consist of aquatic, semiaquatic, and airborne life forms, much of which is mutant and hostile to Ratchet and the Megacorp employees. There are two notable non-hostile wildlife: pterodactyls flying through the skies and dragon boats.[7] These are aquatic, medium-sized dragon-like reptiles that live in the swamp waters. These creatures have a large and flat back, and hopping on their back will cause them to move to a new position, before sinking into the swamp water below. This allowed Ratchet to use them to traverse the water.

Path to Megacorp Outlet

Megacorp Outlet 1

The ship landing pad at the Megacorp Outlet.

The left path from where the ship lands was visited in the mission "Find the store entrance" and is marked by a Megacorp vendor. Throughout this path, several Megacorp employees were found during Ratchet's visit, but they were all devoured by the swamp and its monsters. The path leads to a downwards slope into a small swamp lake, and across from it is a narrow, bending path to the swamp. Across the glass platform is a small island, with a fallen tree blocking the path to a small alcove on the left. Across from the island is more of the swamp, with four lily pads used to traverse to the next island.

The next island has a narrow path between the rocks leading back to the swamp. Three glass platforms can be traversed to reach another island, marked by a large open metal gate and a plateau upwards onto the island, closer to the Megacorp outlet. A few swamp lakes are found throughout this island, with lily pads used to reach them. Across the first swamp lake, the swamp monster I was fought by Ratchet, and after its defeat, two lily pads appeared to allow crossing. The rest of the island is a small patch of land leading to the front of the Megacorp Outlet.

Megacorp Outlet

Megacorp Outlet 4

The Megacorp Outlet.

The Megacorp Outlet was visited in "Investigate the Megacorp store". It was robbed by Angela Cross while looking for a quadrant map and was shut down by the time Ratchet arrived,[8] overrun by mutant swamp beasts. There are also growths on the walls of the store, with vines found on the walls and some plants in the ground. Many of the areas are unreachable without the use of the Dynamo to activate green platforms to move across. Despite the store being out of business, pre-recorded messages on a loudspeaker would still play. The store appeared to have specialized in clothing retail, as it contained a wide variety of clothes fitted on mannequins inside glass showcases and on shelves. There were also light bulbs and other devices found on shelves.

Megacorp Outlet 5

The entrance to the store.

The entrance to the store is a large glass door on top of a small balcony, reached only by an elevator activated using the Dynamo. The entrance is a fairly empty room, with Dynamo activators creating lifts to an upper floor. On this floor, Dynamo activators are required to extend bridges leading to the main part of the store, in which there are glass showcases of mannequins.

Megacorp Outlet 6

The interior of the outlet.

A door leads to a balcony outside, with a path leading across to another room. In the other room, a series of Dynamo activators create holographic platforms that fill the gap across to a small corridor. At the end of the corridor is a grav-ramp that requires use of the Gravity Boots to ascend. It leads to a tube that descends down to swamp monster II's lair. Mid-way through the corridor are steps to a conveyor belt. When the Dynamo activator is switched on, the conveyor belt's door at the end will open, but it will send several blocks through which must be jumped over to reach the large room. This only had to be done during the initial visit. This room contains several green screens connected throughout and a telescreen in the middle, which Fizzwidget used to contact Ratchet. It also has a higher section, accessible with a Dynamo-activated elevator. A teleporter is placed on this section. An armor vendor is also added here when in challenge mode.

Swamp monster II's lair

Megacorp Outlet 7

The lair, with the beast swimming around.

Swamp monster II's lair is a large, green-tinted, underground cavern located underneath the Megacorp Outlet. It is filled with green swamp water, with lily pads being the only way to traverse it. The entire cavern is mostly circular, with lily pads and swamp water surrounding the rocky island in the center.

Swamp ruin path

Megacorp Outlet 2

A group of dragon boats near the ruins.

The right path from where the ship lands is visited in the mission "Explore the swamp ruins" and is marked by a metal gate with a small light. It is home to many ruins of buildings abandoned by previous inhabitants.[6] It is also home to many purple creatures known as dragon boats,[7] reptilian creatures that swim through the swamp water and have a long back on which Ratchet can stand. These dragon boats swim to a specified location before sinking back into the water.

The path past the gate leads to a hill downwards to an empty swamp, with only a few rock plateaus to reach the island across. In the middle of this island is a swamp lake, with three dragon boats normally parked here. The other side of the lake has a large stone wall from part of an abandoned building, with a cave containing a small plateau and large carnivorous plants that lead to the exit.

Megacorp Outlet 3

The area with carnivorous plants.

On the end of the island is a large amount of swamp water, with several ruins throughout it. Near the end on the left is the ruins of a house, while across the right are abandoned stone walls. Near the end of this is another small island with a large abandoned building that is half sunk, with open gates on either end. At the end of this is another large swamp filled with more abandoned buildings and an abandoned radio tower, to which a dragon boat will provide transport. At the end of this is a large abandoned building atop a hill, with four carnivorous plants providing the only way to reach it. A large tube here leads down to a small plaza, where the Megacorp Scientist demonstrated his Tractor Beam. The plaza contains a small metal building on which a platinum bolt is found, a few street lights, and a hill on the right. On top of the hill, a metal gate and a ladder can be found. By standing on a switch, the ladder lowers down, allowing one to return to the ship's landing pad.


A small cave is located opposite the Megacorp Outlet and empty aside from a platinum bolt. This is surrounded entirely by swamp and can only be reached by dragon boat. A dragon boat that travels to the cave appears only after all missions on the planet are completed. It is seen docked by the first island at the beginning of the swamp ruins path. A dragon boat by the cave also returns to this same area.

Behind the scenes

The level was designed by Lesley Matthieson, with a few platforming challenges designed by Mike Stout.[9] For the dragon boat segment, playtesters had a difficult figuring it out, meaning that the segment had to go through a lot of revisions to make it easier.[10]

The Megacorp Outlet interior section had a few changes before the final release. The platforms activated by the Dynamo were not originally green holograms generated by the Dynamo but were instead solid objects that would be moved when the Dynamo activated.[11] Additionally, Oozla originally had a different soundtrack for inside the Megacorp Outlet, which sounded more intense than the elevator music sound of the final game.[12] This was present as far back as the September 4, 2003 build of the game.[13]


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