Oozla was a large, wild and swampy planet located in a quadrant that bordered the edges of the Bogon Galaxy. It was home to the Megacorp Outlet, where Megacorp merchandise could be bought at discounted prices. Over time it became a virtual wasteland, overgrown with weeds and swampland, teeming with hostile, indigenous, and unspeakable creatures. These creatures were only kept in check by the outlet's perimeter defenses.

In Going Commando, the Thief deactivated the defenses "forgetting their wallet." Without defenses, some employees became food for swamp-dwellers, while others escaped. Ratchet flew to Oozla to catch the Thief, and found a surviving Megacorp employee who sold him a Tractor Beam for 1,000 bolts. Ratchet also found a Dynamo on Oozla.

In All 4 One, some critters came from Oozla.

Characters on Oozla

Wildlife and flora

Planet Oozla is a swampworld with many swamp creatures. Besides the Megacorp Outlet on Oozla, the planet is completely wild. Most creatures are either aquatic, semiaquatic, or airborne, as it appears few are completely landwellers. Most of Oozle's wildlife is hostile to Ratchet, though a few are either helpful or neutral. Here is a list of creatures found on planet Oozle.


  • Mutant Fireflies: Small glowing flying insects, these creatures will cut their prey with their pincers. They are easily dispatched with a single Wrench swing.
  • Fly Traps: More like a deadly obstacle then a hostile creature, neverless one should be wary. Ratchet must use the giant Venus Flytrap like plants to continue his journey as they act like platforms. However, if he stands on them too long, he'll be bitten, losing health in the process.
  • Mutant Muckdwellers: These odd bouncing mammals are often found bouncing around on dry land. If they spot Ratchet they will bounce toward him and burp toxic fumes in Ratchet's face. They take just one swing from the Wrench to defeat, just like the Mutant Fireflies. However, they could easily overwhelm the Lombax with their numbers, so a combination with the Lancer and Wrench will result in an amazing combo on these creatures; shoot them at a distance, and whack them if they get too close.
  • Mutant Swamp Beasts: These slimy snail-crustacean like creatures are the dominant predator on Oozla. They they can either be found "crawling" around dry land, or sticking out their single eye stalk out the murking water waiting for prey to come closer, and then jump out the water and attack. They then procead to strike Ratchet with their 4 tentacles each with their own crab like claws. The Wrench is not recommend, instead use the Lancer and Gravity Bomb to take them out. They are spawned from the Swamp Monster II.


  • Swamp Monster I: A large menacing creature that lurks in the swamps of Oozla. After the Megacorp Outlets defenses were shut down, it attacked and killed two Megacorp Scientists. After killing the second one, it'll come expose it's two large tenticles and it's single eye stalk. It's only form of attack is to slam those tenticles down on Ratchet. Shoot it's single eye stalk, as it cannot take heavy firepower.
  • Swamp Monster II: The largest creature of all on planet Oozla, it lurks deep underground in a swamp cave right under the Megacorp Outlet. It attacks with massive pincers, horrible breath and an ugly maw. Heavy weapons such as RYNO II are recommended, as this creature's hide protects it well. It's an optional boss, so you do not have to fight if you do not want to, but you will not get the Box Breaker.

Other Creatures

  • Dragon Boat: These aquatic dragon like reptiles live in swamp waters of planet Oozla, grazing on some form algea. They are not hostile in anyway to Ratchet, and are in fact quite helpful navigating from one section of the swamp to the next. All Ratchet has to do is jump on their backs. However, they not too bright and are very careless, after taking Ratchet across a waterey section of Oozla, they will then submerge themselves into the murky water, even if Ratchet is still on its back. It's key to quickly exit off these creature's backs.
  • Oozlian Pterodactyls: Harmless flying reptiles found flying in the rainy skies of Oozla, they can be shot down to obtain a Skill Point and bolts.
  • Fire Red Slugnarg (encountered on planet Magnus)
  • Coastal Slugnarg (encountered on planet Magnus)
  • Dry Gulch Slugnarg (encountered on planet Magnus)
  • Purple Menace Vroktopod (encountered on planet Magnus)
  • Briny Vroktopod (encountered on planet Magnus)
  • Infected Vroktopod (encountered on planet Magnus)


  • Oozla seems to have the second largest biodiversity of planets in the known universe, only being beaten by planet Magnus of the Polaris Galaxy.
  • In the Megacorp Outlet, the female announcer may say,"Megacorp reserves the right to refuse service to anyone." This is a reference to the seinfeld episode, "the Soup Nazi," where the Soup Nazi has a sign his his restaurant saying the same thing, (excluding Megacorp).
  • The Megacorp Store music is heard again in the background of the video for Planet Yeedil.


  • The word "ooze" can describe wet mud or slime. This describes Oozla's environment quite well.