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The Omniglove is a gadget in Rift Apart. It is a wrist-mounted device used by Ratchet and Rivet that provides a wide variety of mobility features, beginning with the Swingshot and Hookshot functionality. The Omniglove is expanded to include functionality for the Rift Tether, Phantom Dash, and Hurlshot capabilities.

The Swingshot feature gives Ratchet and Rivet the same capability as the original gadget: latching onto targets to swing across wide gaps. Rift Tether allows them to tap into dimensional rifts, warping partway across an area, a feature that


Ratchet possessed the Omniglove at the beginning of Rift Apart, giving him Swingshot capabilities. Shortly after the Dimensionator's destruction created rifts in Megalopolis, Corson V, Ratchet configured the Omniglove to latch towards rifts, giving him the Rift Tether ability. In Nefarious City in the Corson V of Rivet's dimension, during "Find Clank", Ratchet met Phantom, who configured the Omniglove with the Phantom Dash ability. Later, in Molonoth Gulch, Torren IV, during "Mend the Broken Phase Quartz", a vullard guided Rivet to the Hurlshot found in a smelting pit, which she configured to the Omniglove.


Using L1 near a floating Tether Target, a rift, or once acquired, a Hurlshot target, will cause Ratchet or Rivet to latch towards it. The Swingshot and Hookshot Tether Targets allow one to latch onto targets, and swing across gaps in the case of Swingshot, or be pulled towards targets in the case of Hookshots. Some Hookshot targets are moving targets and will allow Ratchet or Rivet to be carried to a new location.

The Rift Tether and Hurlshot work similarly. Rift Tether pulls the user to the location of the rift in an instant, allowing them to cross large gaps or zip across a battlefield. Hurlshot requires a little more input, as one must hold down L1 until Ratchet or Rivet are fully spinning around the target, before releasing it to be flung to a distant destination.

The Phantom Dash feature works differently. Hitting Circle on the ground or mid-air will cause Ratchet or Rivet to use a Phantom Dash, which propels them forward in the direction they were moving a few meters, temporarily phasing them out while doing so. It allows them to grant a short burst of speed, extend the range of their jumps, or to phase through forcefields and objects that would otherwise block a path.

As well as being used in traversal, the Omniglove, partiularly its Rift Tether and Phantom Dash features, has a variety of applications in combat. Phantom Dash's ability to phase in and out grants Ratchet or Rivet a small window where they can dodge enemy attacks or projeciles, which can be crucial in some battles. The Rift Tether allows them to zip around several battlefields and either reach distant foes, or kite around enemies who struggle to keep up with Ratchet or Rivet's movements.

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