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Boom! Wipe the smile of your enemy's face with a short sharp blast of high-velocity protons.

Instruction Manual Weapon Description, ItN

The Omniblaster is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Into the Nexus. It is an advanced energy pistol that fires high-velocity proton blasts accurately at a target.[1]

The Omniblaster is available immediately at the start of the game on the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship. Raritanium upgrades can be purchased to improve its ammo capacity, rate of fire, damage, range, and the bolts earned, along with two special upgrades Ammo Drop which increases ammo earned and Kinetic Blast which causes kickback. It can be upgraded to the Dual Omniblasters with use at V3, and in challenge mode the Omega Dual Omniblasters can be purchased.‎


Ratchet with Dual Omniblasters

The Omniblaster is an orange and white pistol with a black handle. Underneath, it contains a blue canister from which ammunition is stored. It fires blue projectiles at enemies.


The Omniblaster begins with a slow rate of fire and moderate damage, but can be improved with modifications. It is a versatile all-purpose weapon that can be effective against most types of enemies. However, it is later on outclassed by more powerful and more specialized weapons.

Raritanium modifications purchased can improve the ammo capacity, rate of fire, damage, range, and bolts earned by killing enemies with the weapon. The weapon also has two special mods: the Ammo Drop that increases ammunition earned from crates, and the Kinetic Blast that causes some shots to have kickback. When upgraded to the Dual Omniblasters, its damage and rate of fire are greatly improved.

Behind the scenes

The Omniblaster is featured on promotional material for the game.