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The OmniSoaker is a gadget in A Crack in Time. It can absorb almost any liquid, including water, Breegus nectar, and oil, which can then be fired to perform utilities. It was originally engineered by the vullards for Raritanium mines.

Ratchet is given an OmniSoaker by a vullard in Krell Canyon on planet Lumos.


The OmniSoaker is equipped with Left, and its three liquids perform different functions:

  • Water can be used to fill up hydroplants, which can then be used as bouncing platforms to reach higher areas. Water can also cool down heated surfaces.
  • Breegus nectar is used to lure tetramite swarms. This can be used either to distract them so Ratchet can escape them safely, or to lure them towards ivy so Ratchet can reach a new area.
  • Oil can be used to loosen rusty objects, such as bolt cranks.

Behind the scenes

In the Insomniac Museum, it is explained that the OmniSoaker was also going to be able to absorb lava and gelatonium (similar to the Gelanator from Tools of Destruction). Gelatonium was removed as pumping up hydroplants with water already allowed players to jump high distances, and another way to accomplish this with the same gadget seemed unnecessary. Lava was removed as it was considered irrelevant due to Ratchet's weaponry. The Museum also explains that the tetramites used similar swarming technology to that developed for Resistance 2.