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Omega mods are collectible weapon mods in Deadlocked. Omega mods visibly enhance a weapon's effect in a multitude of possible ways, ranging from slowing enemies, spreading electricity, poisoning, brainwashing, morphing, spreading napalm, and creating mini-bomblets or time-bombs. Unlike alpha mods omega mods can only be acquired through purchasing them from a DreadZone vendor, after which each available mod can be applied to as many weapons as possible. However, you cannot stack multiple mods on top of each other, thus a conscious choice must be made as to what is most effective.


Omega mods are useful for defeating a lot of enemies while conserving ammo and increasing the effectiveness of a weapon as well.

In the Multiplayer game modes, only the freeze, napalm, acid, and morphing mods are available as item pick-ups spread out along each multiplayer map. Killing an enemy player while using a weapon with the morphing mod will only turn them into a random animal, in which it does not grant a kill, especially when playing in Deathmatch or Juggernaut mode. Instead, you must kill the morphed player in order to get a kill. Otherwise after a few seconds, the morphed player will revert back to normal; however, all their weapons they acquire (except for the wrench) will be lost in the process. Either way, the morphing is useful for disarming enemy players of their weapons.


Alpha mod Price Available at In-game description
Napalm mod 15,000 Catacrom Four Spawns fiery pools of lava with every shot. This mod is attachable to any weapon that uses explosive ammunition. The sticky pools of lava will damage any enemy who crosses them, while leaving you and your allies unharmed. Vox Pharmaceuticals originally developed portable lava technology while designing a heated massage oil. When the massage oil proved unpopular in focus tests it was repackaged as a weapons mod.
Time bomb mod 250,000 Vindicator Tournament Attaches sticky grenades to the target, which explode and send lethal shocks to nearby enemies. Vox Industries purposefully added a tune delay into this mod to improve ratings. DreadZone fans love to watch combatants fleeing in terror from a fellow gladiator who is hit by the "time bomb".
Freeze mod 60,000 Kronos Freezes enemies in a layer of ice. This mod encases each ammo round in a thin layer of liquid hydrogen. When targets are impacted by this -253 degree substance, the humidity vapors around them crystallize into ice, freezing them on the spot.
Mini-bomb mod 75,000 Shaar Spawns explosive mini-bombs with every shot. This mod can be attached to any weapon that uses explosive ammo. It packs multiple deuterium fusion mini-bombs into every ammo round, causing the mini-bombs to explode out and seek enemies on impact.
Morphing mod 100,000 Orxon Morphs enemies into highly explosive farm animals. This mod fuses billions of ionized Heisenberg improbability particles onto each ammo round. This results in the generation of massive improbability field upon impact, which frequently has the effect of turning the target into a pig. Animals may vary due to the unpredictability of quantum science.
Brainwash mod 150,000 Valix Belt Causes affected enemies to attack other enemies. Each ammo round is injected with a potent drug known as Friendum Paranoiathol, causing the target to temporarily see his allies as an angry horde of political talk show hosts.
Acid mod 5,000 Marauder Tournament Causes damage over time to affected enemies. This mod injects each shot with high molarity hydrofluoric acid mixed with a particularly unfriendly form of Sarathosian swamp bacteria. Parental supervision recommended for children under 5 years of age.
Shock mod 30,000 Sarathos When enemies are hit, lightning shoots from them to strike any nearby enemies. This potent secondary attack is achieved by applying an eight gigavolt static electric charge to each ammo round. Though this has since become Vox Industries' most potent weapon mod, it was originally designed as a party gag for creating static cling on most women's undergarments.
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