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Omega mods are purchasable weapon modifications in Deadlocked. Omega mods visibly enhance a weapon's impact effect in a multitude of possible ways, ranging from slowing enemies, brainwashing them, morphing them, and causing damage in a variety of other options. Unlike alpha mods, omega mods can only be acquired through purchasing them from a DreadZone vendor, after which each available mod can be applied to as many weapons as possible. However, you cannot stack multiple mods on top of each other, thus a conscious choice must be made as to what is most effective.

In the multiplayer game modes, only the Freeze, Napalm, Acid, and Morph Mods are available as item pick-ups spread out along each multiplayer map. Killing an enemy player while using a weapon with the Morph Mod will only turn them into a random animal temporarily, and causing them to drop all their weapons, after which you can kill them anyway.

Omega mods

Mod Price Availability Effect
Acid Mod 5,000 Marauder Tournament Causes damage over time to affected enemies.
Napalm Mod 15,000 Catacrom Four Only usable on explosive weapons. Releases large amounts of lava in the vicinity of the explosion. The lava deals a lot of damage, but only to enemies that walk through it. Lava can sometimes also stick to very large enemies, dealing damage over time.
Shock Mod 30,000 Sarathos Causes electricity to arc onto nearby enemies from the enemy hit by the modified weapon, spreading until all enemies within range have been electrified.
Freeze Mod 60,000 Kronos Slows enemies down on hit, eventually freezing them. Quicker freeze effect on higher damage.
Mini-bomb Mod 75,000 Shaar Only usable on explosive weapons. Releases a small amount of bouncing bomblets upon impact.
Morph Mod 100,000 Orxon Has a chance to morph enemies into explosive farm animals, with the chance increasing if an enemy is about to die. Morphed enemies can seek out nearby targets and explode.
Brainwash Mod 150,000 Valix Belt Causes affected enemies to attack and be attacked by other enemies temporarily.
Time bomb Mod 250,000 Vindicator Tournament Only usable on explosive weapons. Turns the projectile into a sticky grenade, with increased damage and an expanded impact zone; damaging all nearby enemies.

Gameplay usability

As there are a fair numbers of mods there is no guaranteed definitive mod for each weapon that applies to all players. Regardless a lot of them do have various actual cases for which they are most useful, or actually not at all. To start with there are mods that can be considered crowd control (in particular the Freeze and Morph Mods), damage mods that only apply to explosive weapons (the Napalm, Mini-Bomb, and Time Bomb Mods), and the remainder of the damage-based mods (the Acid, Shock, Morph Mods). Keep in mind thee effectiveness of mods is generally applied to the highest standard difficulty (Hero).

Acid Mod

The Acid Mod is the first one acquired, and is notable for being able to consistently damage every single affected enemy, making it somewhat decent when applied en masse using the Magma Cannon early on. The actual damage dealt is quickly outpaced by all other mods and weapons, however.

Shock Mod

The Shock Mod is in a similar case; it is extremely useful against the Swarmer enemy types, but barely deals enough damage to be usable against even (later) DZ Strikers and Tremors (although Cycloids are a good use case). Does serve as a good way coupled with the Holoshield Launcher to deter melee foes on its own.

Napalm Mod

The Napalm Mod is the first explosive-only mod acquired, at first being only usable for the B6-Obliterator and Hunter Mine Launcher. It is only actually useful against ground-based enemies, and especially melee foes, as well as sometimes large ones if the lava sticks. Can be used along with the Hunter Mine Launcher to quickly saturate the entire field due to its high ammo capacity and fire rate.

Mini-Bomb Mod

The Mini-Bomb Mod is similar, but instead of lava releases a small group of (slightly homing) bomblets (akin to the Bouncer). The Napalm Mod's lava still deals more damage, but the Mini-Bomb Mod has a better chance of actually damaging surrounding enemies.

Freeze Mod

The Freeze Mod, acquired on Kronos, is generally the most useful mod for almost all weapons. Affected enemies are first slowed down, and then frozen entirely, eventually thawing when not taking Freeze Mod-enhanced damage. The slow down effect is an excellent way of neutralizing almost any enemy, such as fast foes like the Cycloid and Tremor, but also the powerful ones like the Executioner and Laser Back.

It works well with high spread weapons like the Magma Cannon, or the autonomous Mini Turret Launcher. As the freeze effect happens faster when more damage is dealt it also pairs well with the Fusion Rifle and Scorpion Flail (also nullifying the danger of fighting up close). Its only weakness is that it appears to fail entirely on vehicle enemies such as the dropships and Landstalker, as well as all three turret enemies.

Morph Mod

The Morph Mod turns enemies upon death, or near-death, into farm animals, that either idle around or walk to a close-by enemy and explode (although the ducks also release explosive eggs, akin to the Qwack-O-Ray). It is unclear how much damage the explosions actually do, and the morphed animals are rather unreliable, but it can be useful to turns a swarm of weak enemies into explosive animals.

Brainwash Mod

The Brainwash Mod is similar to the Infector, also from Up Your Arsenal. Unlike the Morph Mod it needs to deal less damage to work, but also has a lower chance to take effect. In reality it is not particularly useful; enemies are extremely weak against one another, the combat bots still target them, and the effect only lasts so long. Plus, much like the freeze mod, it won't work on vehicles and turrets.

Time Bomb Mod

The final mod, the Time Bomb Mod, is by and far the most powerful, but can only be used on explosive weapons. The explosive is turned into a time bomb that explodes after a second upon hitting an enemy (if it doesn't hit an enemy it explodes as normal, making it useless), heavily damaging everything nearby in a storm of lightning. The mod also boosts the weapons' base damage on its own. Due to the on-hit requirement it is not as useful on the slower and less imprecise B6-Obliterator, but it pairs well with the Hunter Mine Launcher and The Arbiter.

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