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The OmegaTech Frost Cannon is a weapon that sprayed a beam of frost and ice onto enemies, gradually freezing them in their place. When there were no enemies near the character, the cannon would not shoot a beam and instead upchuck ice-cold air, wasting no ammunition. If the Frost Cannon was used together with a partner, it would create an arctic explosion that froze nearby enemies.

Due to being superior to the Freeze Mod, it presumably froze enemies at temperatures even colder than -253 °C.

The Elite Omegatech Frost Cannon was the upgraded version of the OmegaTech Frost Cannon. It froze enemies more quickly than it the regular Frost Cannon did. It also had a spiked ring around the barrel that spun when the frost cannon was fired.


A similar weapon, the Cryoshot, has been a usable weapon in Full Frontal Assault.

In Game Summaries

Sprays a beam of frost and ice that gradually freezes an enemy. When multiple frost cannon beams strike an enemy it creates a devastating arctic blast that freezes other nearby enemies. Perfect for turning your enemies into frozen dinner.

holocard Description, PS4

Small Bouncers can be seen frozen in place by the Frost Cannon


  • The OmegaTech Frost Cannon originally was simply named the Frost Cannon.