Oltanis is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Ratchet & Clank. It is home to the once-vibrant and highly developed Gorda City, a large urban environment filled with skyscrapers. The planet is plagued by deadly lightning storms, with the citizens using lightning attractors to harness the energy. The planet was then ravaged by Chairman Drek and the blarg, who launched an attack from the Gemlik Base in the planet's orbit in order to steal the city's generators,[1] leaving much of Gorda City in ruins. Due to the continuous lightning storms, and the lightning attractors being destroyed upon arrival, Ratchet had to explore the planet alone, as it was unsafe for Clank.


Prior to Drek's attack, Oltanis was a completely unarmed planet,[2] which used lightning attractors to generate power through continuous lightning storms. After Drek attacked from the Gemlik Base to steal the generators for his new planet,[1] the city's lightning attractors were stolen, and Gorda City was left mostly in ruins.

Ratchet and Clank arrived after viewing a news broadcast on an infobot in Gemlik Base, to try and help the planet's survivors. When they landed, Clank was immediately hit by lightning, and as such, had to stay behind in the ship as it was unsafe for him. Ratchet then scouted the planet to search for survivors.

Captain Qwark!.png
Captain Qwark's Gadgetron stand in the city ruins.
At first, after a long search, Ratchet found Sam, the scrap merchant and owner of a store, who had been left half-deaf after the bombing strikes on the planet. Sam sold Ratchet an infobot containing coordinates for Quartu. Ratchet also traversed several ramps with Magneboots and found "Steve McQwark", who sold the PDA for 1,000 bolts, a device he claimed was a legitimate Gadgetron product. Ratchet could also explore the city further, passing through several security systems, to find the Morph-o-Ray.

Once Ratchet had completed all of these tasks, a blarg bomber fired a missile at the statue in the center of the city, revealing a button that created a chain of versa-targets for his Swingshot, the targets leading to gold bolts.



Gorda City map.png
Map layout of Gorda City.
Gorda City Ruins 1.png
The ruins of Gorda City.

Route 1

Gorda City Ruins 2.png
A set of grind rails.

PDA path

Gorda City Ruins 3.png
A magnestrip.
Gorda City Ruins 4.png
A frozen platform.

Upper city

Gorda City Ruins 5.png
A group of Blarg Heavy Interceptors.


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