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The 2016 re-imagined game and movie are in-universe fictional accounts of the original Ratchet & Clank.
The re-imagined game describes Captain Qwark's account of events, while the re-imagined film is an in-universe holofilm. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and the holofilm is fiction, any events that contradict the original are non-canon (though those which correspond still apply). Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

Ollie[1] is a minor character in the Ratchet & Clank movie. He is a young tharpod boy who is a huge fan of Captain Qwark and the Galactic Rangers. He appeared in the tryouts on Veldin, and was promptly rejected. Later, he appeared on Kerwan, was hugely excited by Ratchet and Clank's defeat of the warbots, and appeared in the Hall of Heroes.

Behind the scenes

Ollie got his name as a nod to animation producer Oliver Wade.[2]