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The Obsidian Eye on planet Merdegraw

The Obsidian Eye on planet Lumos

The Obsidian Eye was an extremely powerful telescope, of which there were many across the Polaris Galaxy. One was located on Hoolefar Island. It was built by Captain Darkwater so that he could communicate with the Zoni. Ratchet was allowed access to the Obsidian Eye chamber when he fixed the island's wind turbines, and its purpose was explained by Mayor Worley. Ratchet then realised that it could be used to find Clank, but it needed a Fulcrum Star to power it. After Ratchet retrieved the Fulcrum Star, he activated the machine and saw Clank surrounded by Zoni. He then downloaded the coordinates to the Breegus Nebula. The Hoolefoids have since dismantled it.

At a later time Ratchet went to Lumos with Alister Azimuth looking for another Obsidian Eye in order to communicate with Clank.[1] The Vullards guided them to it. It was located in the Zoni Temple in Vogal Caves.

Apogee Explorer trophy

A hidden bronze trophy "Apogee Explorer" is rewarded for finding the Obsidian Eye.


  • In A Crack in Time, while Ratchet was talking to Alister about the Obsidian Eye on Lumos, he mentioned that after he left planet Merdegraw the Hoolefoids dismantled their Obsidian Eye.
  • In real life, Obsidian is a volcanic glass and mostly black in color, but the glass in the Obsidian Eye, is not black. So it is most likely that it is not really made out of Obsidian, but a variant of it.

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