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Obani Gemini is a location in Up Your Arsenal. It is one of the moons orbiting planet Obani in the Zygan System, along with Obani Pollux and Obani Draco. The moon has vegetation, in the form of grassy areas atop rock plateaus, and lava pools in various ravines, as well as various large floating platforms with grass growing on-top. It is surrounded by an asteroid ring and a network of satellites, connected with lasers that lead to a teleporter directly to Obani Pollux. Between it and Obani Pollux, it is the smaller moon.


Obani Gemini was presumably involved in the Obani Moon Wars, which Shellshock fought in as a soldier of the Obanian Army, resulting in his freak accident.

Ratchet and Clank visited Obani Gemini after viewing a high-security computer on planet Daxx, stating that the Biobliterator had been sent to the Obani moon system in a transport a day prior to their arrival on Daxx.[1] Skidd McMarx insisted in going with them, and wished to meet them there. When they arrived, Al gave them the mission "Repair the Satellite laser links" in order to reconnect the satellites using the Refractor and access the teleporter to Obani Pollux, complaining that they got the "fun" jobs.[2] After doing this, Ratchet traveled to Obani Pollux for "Explore the Second Moon".


Obani Gemini.

Obani Gemini is a small, hospitable moon with an uneven surface and vegetation in the form of grass areas atop its plateaus and its larger circular floating platforms. These areas have trees resembling pine trees, and small flowers resembling dandelions, but no other lifeforms aside from flora. Below the plateaus are small canyons with small lakes of lava in them, where a few caves underneath the plateaus can be reached.

The moon also has a lot of artificial elements built onto it. The moon has two types of circular floating platforms: smaller, glass platforms used to reach higher areas, and larger platforms used on which vegetation is often found. Tentacle-like cables hang from these larger platforms, and above them float small beam reflectors. Many of these platforms are traversed using jump pads. Aside from these, metal platforms surrounding by fences float above the surface, one where the Star Explorer lands, and one higher above the surface where the teleporter to Obani Pollux is found.

Surrounding the moon is a larger ring of small asteroids, as well as a series of satellites connected by lasers. These laser beams link from the landing pad at the start to the teleporter at the end.

Between it and Obani Pollux, Gemini is the smaller moon. Planet Obani can be seen in the background, but Pollux cannot without teleporting to it.

Behind the scenes

Mike Stout designed the level, while Tony Garcia programmed the enemies. For this, Garcia brought back the scout bots from Ratchet & Clank and reprogrammed them to work spherically.[3] Stout was proud of the Refractor puzzle he designed, as the laser would always point the player as to where to go next.[4]

Reprogramming the scout bots to work spherically took a long time because it was difficult for their collision to work correctly with regards to enemies, and their collision was delicate as changing it would disturb their pathing.[3] The work on the Gravity Boots for Going Commando had helped immensely in getting the enemies to work, as Garcia had already solved the problem of getting the enemies to align to the surface smoothly among other things, and could reference this work when programming orientation for the enemies in a way that was not too harmful to performance.[5]

Obani Gemini was going to include a hovership mission. According to unused dialogue, the Refractor would have been used to override a quantum phase forcefield surrounding the hovership,[6] which would then have been used to destroy satellites around Obani Pollux allowing Ratchet to land.[7][8] Unused text of the mission in an early August build of the game also references this removed mission.[9]



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