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Nurse robots [1] are enemies in Size Matters in the Medical Outpost Omega and in the Clone Factory on Quodrona. They are humanoid robots wearing nurse' outfits that carry large syringes. Ratchet and Clank briefly encountered two of them during the "Find your equipment" portion of "Escape the medical facility", together with a group of Robotic Control Units. They are very weak, with little armor, and only rely on their large syringe to try and stab you, which is easy to avoid. After their attack they briefly pause before resuming their attack routine. On Quodrona another pair was encountering during "Find Otto Destruct", watching a large monitor. When approached they only fled away in a panic, turning in circles out of fear.

The nurse robot is also available as one of the skins that can be used in Size Matters' multiplayer.




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