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As an official Tachyon Trooper, your job will be to ravage every planet until it is found. Leave no stone unturned! No rebel spared! Exterminate anyone who stands in your way! All for a tidy salary and competitive benefits package.

Wow..hehe…all that and travel, too?

Qwark, ToD

Indeed! Take the Nundac Asteroid Ring for example. Our spies have learned that the secret may be hidden here on this remote moon base. If you sign up by tonight, you can join in on the raid.

The Nundac Asteroid Ring was the location to Apogee Space Station where Ratchet and Clank met Talwyn, Cronk, and Zephyr. This was also the place where the Zoni gave Clank the Geo-Laser gadget. This area was a Basilisk breeding ground and had a good source of raritanium and some small gel sources. The asteroids were all named after the Greek alphabet. Apogee Space Station was powered by the Sigma-3 Maintenance Hub where Ratchet needed to traverse without falling to get to the elevator leading to the station.


During the Great War, the entire Nundac Asteroid Ring was occupied by the Cragmites, making it a part of the massive Great Cragmite Empire. Following the exile of the Cragmites to dimension X2-49 by the Lombaxes, the asteroid ring was left abandoned for decades with the exception of the occasional smuggler hunting for Leviathan Souls from Basilisk Leviathans that roamed through the asteroid fields.

Decades later, famed Markazian explorer, Max Apogee, set up a personnel space station here, known Apogee Space Station. This fortified fortress kept away most of thieves and thugs looking to steal Apogee's treasure's from his great expeditions. In addition to heavy defenses, the place was also defended by two old warbots, Cronk and Zephyr. It was here that Apogee also raised his young daughter, Talwyn Apogee.

Unfortunately, despite the defensives that guarded the Apogee Space Station, the treasures inside were too irresistible for some. Without warning Space Pirates invaded the Nundac Asteroid Ring and stole an ancient Lombax Artifact from Apogee Space Station. Desperate to regain the artifact, Apogee went after the Space Pirates, but never returned. Cronk and Zephyr believed he had died, but Talwyn still believed her father is still alive somewhere.

As the years went by, rumors about what went on in Apogee Space Station began to circulate rapidly throughout the community, including tales that Apogee was killed by his own warbots. Rumors sparked numerous attempts by individuals to enter the station, but all failed, often resulting in their death via the station's airlock.

After Ratchet and Clank obtained a damaged infobot from Qwark who was double crossing the dictator he served, Tachyon the duo used Aphelion to play the message inside the infobot. The infobot showed a recruitment ad for the Imperial Army, Tachyon's personal army used to subjugate most of Polaris Galaxy. In the ad, it listed of some of many places Imperial Troopers would visit as part of their career, with the Nundac Asteroid Ring being an example. Apparently, Tachyon's spies had heard of the rumors of what went on in the remote moonbase, promoting the formation of raiding part that very night.

Realizing this moonbase might be the key to discovering the famed Lombax Secret, Ratchet and Clank traveled to Nundac Asteroid Ring. Upon arriving there, the duo encounter the Smuggler. He revealed several interesting bits of information, as well as offering them a way to get inside the Apogee Space Station using a Escape Pod. He offered to hack the Escape Pod for the two heroes to reach the underside, the Simga-3 Maintenance Hub, if they collected him some Leviathan Souls. After harvesting some Basilisk Leviathan, the Smuggler hacked the Escape Pod, allowing Ratchet and Clank to reach the Simga-3 Maintenance Hub. After much dangerous traversing, they managed to enter the moonbase.

Their actions did not go without notice, and the two warbots in charge of the space stations defenses, Cronk and Zephyr, activated all the defenses in attempt to stop the intruders. Despite laser grid, hydromines, automated fusion turrets, and killer robots, the duo continued to advance further into the station. Nearing the core of station, Cronk and Zephyr activated the blast doors, preventing the due from enter the inner recesses of the station. Luckily for Ratchet and Clank, the Zoni revealed themselves once again to Clank, and gave him a Geo-Laser to break through a weak point in a rocky wall of the garden they were in. Upon entering the inner sanctum, the were set upon by Cronk and Zephyr, only to watch them smash into one another by accident. Talwyn Apogee soon made up for the plunder of her two warbots, and order the intruders at gunpoint to eject themselves out of the airlock. After Zephyr unknowingly mentioned Ratchet was a Lombax, Talwyn ordered the two warbots to lay down their arms.

Realizng the whole incident was a big misunderstanding, Talwyn and her warbots revealed information on the purpose of the base and Max Apogee. After mentioning about a Lombax Artifact that had been stolen by Space Pirates that raided the station, Ratchet deduced from information given to him by the Smuggler that the Space Pirates had taken the artifact to Ardolis. Realizing they had a lead on the artifact's current location, they all rushed out of Nundac Asteroid Ring towards Ardolis.

Some time later, the Imperial Army invaded the Nundac Asteroid Ring, but apparently were repelled by the Apogee Space Station's defenses.

When Tachyon's was defeated, ending the reign of Imperial Army, Ratchet, Clank,Talwyn Apogee, Cronk, Zephyr, Rusty Pete and Captain Qwark celebrated at the Apogee Space Station. Sadly, Dr. Nefarious had been keeping tabs on Clank, and convinced the naive Zoni into kidnapping him. Revealing themselves to everyone, the Zoni quickly hypnotized Clank into a calm yet delirious state. Ratchet attempted to save his friend, but instead was blasted by energy the Zoni emitted. Before Ratchet could attempt a second try, the Zoni and Clank completely vanished, leaving everyone their to mourn the loss of Clank.