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Prepare to die!

Number Woo to Clank, SAC

Number Woo was a notorious robot crime lord from the lawless space city of Asyanica, which he controlled with the help of his private army of robotic ninjas.


Secret Agent Clank

Early history

Number Woo and his henchmen

Number Woo in Clank's mission briefing

Number Woo was notorious crime lord native to Asyanica, a lawless, neon jungle, space city in the Solana Galaxy, being a hotbed for black market activities. At one point in time, Number Woo gained control of the entire city with the aid of his private army of robot ninjas. His criminal activities in Asyanica have made him notorious enough for the Agency to keep tabs on him. Number Woo is also the owner of Use Your Noodle Cookie Company, a fortune cookie company headquartered in Asyanica.

Some time after the defeat of Technomite Emperor Otto Destruct, he was contacted by the Kingpin (who was really Klunk in disguise), who needed his services in stealing the Eye of Infinity from the Boltaire Museum. Number Woo's forces assisted in the theft with a mind-controlled Ratchet, who stole the precious gem from the Precious Gem Wing of the museum, which was given to Woo's forces to take back to Asyanica. Additionally, they left behind a fortune cookie with a warning to "mind your own business" to anyone that attempted to pursue them.

Soon thereafter, Number Woo sent the precious gem to Ivana Lottabolts estate on the comet of Glaciara under the instructions of the Kingpin.

Number Woo's involvement revealed

Shortly after the Boltaire Museum was robbed, Agency agent Clank with the aid of Cute Anastasia Bot, learned Number Woo was involved in theft, causing Clank to hunt down Number Woo on Asyanica.

Trapping Agent Clank

Ah, Agent Clank. It seems you have an electric personality.

Number Woo, SAC

Number Woo; however, knew; however, Agent Clank was looking for him, so the Agency agent could obtain information on the Eye of Infinity's location. When Agent Clank arrived on Asyanica, Number Woo had strategically placed a bucket of water with a live electric cord inside next to landing platform. As soon as Agent Clank disembarked, he was promptly jumped into the bucket by accident, resulting in him being electrocuted and stunned. Number Woo ordered his goons to move the comatose Clank onto a nearby wall, where he was strapped to.

Number Woo then patiently awaited for Agent Clank to awake, which he did after a few seconds. Number Woo joked to the reawaken Clank that the agent had an "electric personality," showing Clank the electric cord that had just stunned him mere moments ago. Number Woo then move Clank's attention toward his laser weapon, which was being prepped up for usage by several Ninja Robots. Number Woo insisted that once the laser had been completed, it would destroy Clank permanently. Number Woo than triumphantly told Clank to prepare to die, before using a smoke bomb to vanish into thin air.

Confronting Clank

Taste my laser, Agent Clank!

Number Woo's final words, SAC

Unfortunately for Number Woo, Clank was later freed by team of Agency Gadgebots, and Clank soon found Number Woo's private quarters. Clank easily dispatched Number Woo's Robot Ninjas, and then deactivated a defensive shield system Number Woo was hiding behind. Cornered by Clank, he was unable to escape a volley of Tie-A-Rangs that soon had him pinned against a wall. His nemesis Clank joked Number Woo was "tied up at the moment," and calmly began to leave the scene. Desperate to keep his image intact, Number Woo asked for Clank to free him, because he didn't wish to be spotted by his own men in such an embarrassing situation. Clank offered to let Number Woo go in return for information regarding the Eye of Infinity's current location, and Number Woo glumly revealed he had sent the gem to Ivana Lottabolts on Glaciara. Much to his dismay, Clank had no intention of freeing Number Woo, suspecting the crime lord would attempt to kill if given the chance. As Clank took off in his ship toward Glaciara, Number Woo freed himself in a fit of rage. Determined to finish Clank off, Number Woo pulled out a remote and fired his laser at the Clank's ship. Unfortunately for Number Woo, his laser weapon malfunctioned and self-destructed. The resulting blast not only destroyed his weapon, but obliterated the entire city of Asyanica. Woo's ultimate fate remains unknown, however, it is likely that he was killed in the explosion, since it is highly unlikely anyone could have been able to survive a blast that powerful.


  • "Woo" is a play on the word "Wu," which means "Five" in Chinese.
  • Number Woo, like Clank, had a knack for making puns out of situations.



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