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It's terrifying! It's revolting! That's right… it's a Nightmare-in-a-box! Turn the toughest thugs to jelly with the scariest weapon on the GrummelNet.

Instruction Manual Weapon Description, ItN

The Nightmare-in-a-Box,[1] or Nightmare Box, is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Into the Nexus. It distracts enemies when deployed by scaring them with Nightmares from a parallel universe, causing them to flee in terror or attack the box during its duration.

The Nightmare Box is available upon reaching planet Yerek for 15,000 bolts from a vendor. It can be upgraded with Raritanium upgrades. With use, it can be upgraded up to the Terrorizer at V3, which gives the weapon a pyrocidic core causing it to explode at enemies after scaring them. The Omega Terrorizer can be purchased in challenge mode.


The Nightmare Box is a relatively small box which deploys Nightmares (resurrected Ghouls from a parallel universe) when thrown. These include ghosts, goblins, and skeletons with large heads. One Nightmare is deployed at a time, until the ghoul army Raritanium upgrade is unlocked, after which more than one are created. The Nightmares are surrounded by a dark-green aura, presumably from the parallel universe.


The Nightmare Box distracts enemies by either causing them to flee in terror or attack the box during its duration. This makes it a strategic weapon, and can be useful to disable enemies in difficult situations, such as when the player is low on health. The weapon will scare all enemies with the exception of the boss Mr. Eye; the Nightmares will instead in reverse by scared by Mr. Eye.

Upgrading the weapon to the Terrorizer grants it a pyrocidic core, allowing it to also damage enemies after being used. Raritanium upgrades include ghoul health (increasing duration), ammo, terror amplifier (allowing ghouls to scare enemies further away), pyrocidic boost (increasing its power) and the special upgrades ghoul army (deploying multiple Nightmares at once) and phantom shot (allowing ghouls to throw corrosive acid at enemies).

Behind the scenes

Concept art of the Zombitron

During pre-production, the Nightmare Box was originally called the Zombitron.‎


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