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Nidbots[1] are enemies in Going Commando, fought in the Megacorp Games gladiator battles on Joba. They are small insectoid robots, modeled after spiders, but with only six legs and one single red eye, as well as two antennae on top. They are made out of a dark blue metal and are sold by Megacorp to the public.[1] Nidbots are also deployed by the Arachnoid. They attack by lunging forward and biting, and will keep following their target while it moves, forcing it to retreat or avoid its attack by jumping.

Ratchet and Clank fought them during many of the Megacorp Games events. They have relatively low armor, and can take only a single or very few hits from most weapons. Their coloration and side can make them hard to spot on the arena floor, but they make a distinctive sound when moving. The Lava Gun is the best weapon, though using the Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove can prove useful against them while focusing on other enemies. Additionally, weapons with an area of effect such as the Bouncer or Hoverbomb Gun can destroy multiple nidbots, and also harm nearby gladiators.


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