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The Netherverse is a new dimension featured in Into the Nexus, home to the nethers, and ruled by Mr. Eye. Originally unaccessible, the barriers between dimensions was weakened when the fongoids caused a break in the space-time continuum, which was later exploited by Mr. Eye and Vendra Prog. During the events of Into the Nexus, Vendra Prog and her brother, Neftin Prog, forced Pollyx to make a portal to the Netherverse, allowing the nethers and Mr. Eye into their own dimension. Later Pollyx fitted Clank with the Rift Cracker, which allowed him and to enter Nether Rifts to access the Netherverse itself.


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During Clank's fourth trip into the Netherverse buildings could be seen in the background, indicating the nethers have their own civilization.

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