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The Netherblades being fired by Ratchet

Netherblade is a weapon in Into the Nexus. It was developed by Vendra Prog while she still lived in the orphanage, and taken by Grummel Net Industries to be manufactured. It is a carbine rifle that fires large Netherblades, ricocheting saw blades that damage enemies.

The weapon is available to purchase upon reaching planet Silox from a weapons vendor for 16,000 bolts. It can be upgraded with Raritanium. Up to V3, it can be upgraded to the Prog Blades, which fires discs that travel faster and deal more damage.


The weapon is a large, purple carbine that holds a large Netherblade vertically. The Netherblades themselves are purple spinning saw blade discs that ricochet around the room and deal damage, which use energy from another dimension to fuel their discs.

The Prog Blades are similar in appearance to Netherblades.


Netherblades begin a relatively low rate of fire, but have good ammunition, damage and a ricochet effect that allows them to be very cost-effective. Despite their low rate of fire, they can effectively clear rooms of smaller to medium enemies, and are particularly useful in enclosed spaces or against groups of enemies packed together. They can also be effective against bosses.

Netherblades can be upgraded with Raritanium to improve their ammo, damage and rate of fire. Rate of fire should be prioritized in order to address the weapons' biggest shortcoming, with the ammo coming second to keep up with the new rate of fire. It comes with three special upgrades: the blade multiplier which causes blades to split into two after each hit, the reinforced blades allowing them to hit more targets before exploding, and the ammo drop increasing the ammo collected from crates. With use, the Netherblades can be upgraded to the Prog Blades, with discs that travel faster and deal more damage.

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