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The Netherbeast is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Into the Nexus. It is a glove that deploys a tamed Netherbeast at enemies after taking orders from its user.

The Netherbeast is available to purchase from a vendor upon reaching planet Igliak for 85,000 bolts. It can be upgraded with Raritanium primarily to increase its ammo. With use, it can be upgraded up to V3, at which point it becomes the Netherfiend, with a wider range and sharpened fins.


The Netherbeast in action

The Netherbeast is commanded from a grey glove with purple highlights. The beast itself is a purple, fish-like creature with one eye that flies through the air in the direction that Ratchet waves the glove.

The Netherfiend is a larger, adult Netherbeast, with sharpened fins and a wider range.


The Netherbeast is a medium to close range weapon with strong damage and a moderate rate of fire. It hits enemies within range with the Netherbeast, and is largely unpredictable. It is best used against medium to larger sized enemies, as its relatively low ammo means that it is wasted against smaller enemies.

The Netherbeast's Raritanium upgrades primarily improve its ammo, allowing it more uses. The loyal protector special upgrade allows the beast to counterattack when Ratchet is hit, while the ammo drop special upgrade increases the amount of ammo collected from crates. Upgrading the Netherbeast to V3 upgrades it to the Netherfiend, which has a wider range and deals more damage.