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The Negotiator wins every argument by blowing your opponent to smithereens!

GrummelNet weapon description., ACiT

A rocket-propelled incendiary cannon that'll blow most opponents to pieces.

Instruction Manual Weapon Description, ACiT

The Negotiator is a weapon manufactured by GrummelNet Industries in Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time. It is a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher which fires long-range spiraling rockets at enemies.

The Negotiator can be upgraded to the Judicator. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Omega Negotiator.



This little baby's the Negotiator. Fires multiple long-range, high-impact rockets. Great versus heavy armor.

Captain Qwark, movie

Can be upgraded to the Judicator, meaning that you not only destroy your enemies, you judge them as well. It's harsh.

holocard Description, PS4

The Negotiator appears several times in the 2016 video game as well as the film. It is first weilded by Victor Von Ion who uses it throughout his chase sequences in the former, as well as crippling Clank's ship in both. In the film, a Galactic Ranger robot tires to use one against Victor, only for the rocket to be intercepted before it hits him. Ratchet also practices with it during his training.

Tools of Destruction

The Negotiator was made available from a GrummelNet weapons vendor for 200,000 bolts upon reaching Zordoom Prison on planet Viceron. With use, it could be upgraded to the Judicator, and with Raritanium, it could be modified to be a more powerful weapon. Its special mod was the Napalm Cells mod which caused rockets to release napalm on impact. Each level the weapon earned increased its power by 20%. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Omega Judicator for 9,500,000 bolts.

A Crack in Time

The Negotiator returned in A Crack in Time. It was acquired by completing the "Bros Before Foes" challenge in the Agorian Battleplex. Its blast radius and rate of fire were lower than in Tools of Destruction. The Negotiator was mandatory for the challenge "The Art Of Negotiation" in the Agorian Battleplex. It could be upgraded to the Judicator with use, and in challenge mode, could be upgraded to the Omega Judicator for 244,000 bolts.


The Negotiator is a shoulder-mounted yellow and grey rocket launcher with red highlights. It features two rockets at the end from which it fires, and one left-hand grip. The rockets it fired would fly towards enemies in a spiraling motion.

The Judicator is a purely red and dark grey weapon, with three rockets rather than two.


The Negotiator is a powerful rocket launcher with long range but a moderate rate of fire. It is mostly useful against larger targets, such as tougher enemies and bosses, due to its strength. While its blast radius also allows it to be used against mobs of smaller enemies, its low ammo means this should normally be avoided in favor of weapons such as the Pyro Blaster (in Tools of Destruction) or the Sonic Eruptor (in A Crack in Time).

In Tools of Destruction, the Negotiator can be upgraded with Raritanium mods. These include more damage, faster shooting, more ammo and bigger area. The latter two make the Negotiator a more broadly useful weapon against more enemies, while the former two simply improve its strength against larger foes. The Napalm Cells upgrade, its special upgrade, allows it to drop napalm when fired (similar to the Napalm Mod in Deadlocked), which makes it both useful against smaller enemies and larger enemies. When fully upgraded to the Judicator, it fires three missiles instead of one. Fully upgraded with all mods in Tools of Destruction, the Judicator can be an extremely useful and well-rounded weapon against most enemies, and a strong choice against most bosses until the RYNO IV is acquired.

In A Crack in Time, the Negotiator is a less useful weapon. While still powerful against certain enemies, its blast radius and rate of fire cannot be improved as there are no Raritanium upgrades. Its ammo can also only be improved to 10. Therefore, the Negotiator, and by extension the Judicator, is a less useful weapon and only really useful against larger threats.

Behind the scenes

GrummelNet preview


Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time - How-To Negotiator

GrummelNet preview for the Negotiator

"The Negotiator. The latest in GrummelNet's line of rocket-propelled incendiary devices. This explosive weapon was designed to solve problems in two easy steps: Point and shoot. Just aim the weapon at whoever's giving you grief and… KABOOM! Problem solved! The Negotiator! Available only at GrummelNet."

Interestingly, the Negotiator also appeared in other weapon previews for the Mag-Net Launcher and the Groovitron Glove.