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Vendra's oversized twin brother Neftin is big, brutal and still on the run. What he lacks in smarts, he certainly makes up for in loyalty to his sister. Don't be fooled, he may not be a criminal mastermind, but with Vendra at his side, he's formidable.

Instruction Manual Character Summary, ItN

Neftin Prog, commonly referred to simply as Mr. Prog or Nef, is a major antagonist in Into the Nexus. He is a large nether like his sister Vendra Prog, and an infamous space criminal who serves as her muscle during their crime spree.

Like Vendra, Neftin Prog desires to bring the nethers into Ratchet's dimension from the Netherverse. To this end, he kidnapped Pollyx, the CEO of Pollyx Industries, along with dozens of innocent terachnoids. When his sister was imprisoned, he hired the Thugs-4-Less to help free her from the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship and then continued to serve as the muscle during their pursuit of the nethers.


Neftin Prog with his sister, Vendra Prog

Pre-Into the Nexus

Neftin Prog originated from the Netherverse. When Vendra and Neftin were young, their parents sent them to Ratchet's dimension out of fear for their safety from the nether leader's cruelty, using Nether Rifts created by the great cataclysmic event caused by the fongoid misuse of time travel. As he had been sent while he was young, he and his sister had no recollection of the events that unfolded in the Netherverse or of their origins. They were then found near a cave on planet Yerek, and since they were young enough, their bodies were able to adapt to the new reality, though they were unable to survive in the Netherverse without protective gear. The two were raised in the Meero Orphanage, a corrupted orphanage, where they led a miserable childhood and were bullied.

While exploring the caves below their room, Vendra found a new friend during her childhood, who she named Mr. Eye. Mr. Eye then told her and Neftin of their nether heritage, but told them that they had been away too long for them to return to the Netherverse. Vendra decided that, as they could not return home, she would instead bring home to them, and bring the nethers into Ratchet's dimension. During this time, Vendra began research into transdimensional tunnelling and quantum mechanics, through which Neftin supporter her strongly as she was his sister. Vendra also had Neftin fitted with cybernetic enhancements at some point, and he served as her unstoppable building. She also made his Netherblades more powerful, creating Prog Blades. Neftin's relationship with his sister was strained, as she became cold and heartless, even being cold towards him. However, he knew that this was only because of her longing for a family, and remained close to her.

Vendra and Neftin realized they would need more room to conduct experimentation into rifts between her reality and Mr. Eye's. To that end, Neftin worked to clear the Zarkov Sector out, by scaring the local population using their nether allies which the local populations mistook for evil ghosts. Citizens from Yerek to Silox fled the sector for the nearest non-haunted sector, as Mayor Gumblebrick on planet Silox's Weeblesnog City mistook Neftin for a demon, and even offered him sacrifices to make him leave. Eventually, the Galactic President decreed the entire sector was an Alpha-9, meaning it was haunted, causing citizens to evacuate.

Vendra and Neftin first evacuated the sector with the rest, before returning immediately, free to conduct their experiments like never before. Vendra's research eventually led them to discover the lombaxes and the Dimensionator, and the twins heard of Ratchet and Clank's exploits against Emperor Tachyon. They stole a tourbot named Docent 427 from the Intergalactic Museum of History to try and steal the Dimensionator from it, though they opted instead to build their own when deducing that the museum was too heavily guarded.

As such, Vendra and Neftin decided to build their own Dimensionator, requiring the help of the terachnoids. Neftin hired the Thugs-4-Less mercenaries to assault Pollyx Industries headquarters on Terachnos, and kidnapped Pollyx, the CEO. They encountered Ratchet and Clank who pursued them both, leading to Vendra's arrest and a quintuple life sentence at the Vartax Detention Facility. Neftin and the Thugs then fled back to the Zarkov Sector with the kidnapped terachnoid scientists with them, planning to free her six months later. To help with this, he bribed elected officials, coordinated a galaxy-wide crime wave, and hired more Thugs to provide cover, all while still having terachnoids work on a new Dimensionator.

Into the Nexus

Just as Vendra was released from cryosleep, Neftin arrived with Thugs-4-Less mercenaries to strike the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship with omnirockets, board it, and rescue Vendra. Neftin boarded the ship along with Thugs mercenaries, and planted pyrocidic explosives. Vendra detonated them, killing Cronk and Zephyr (despite Neftin's protests) and seemingly killing Ratchet and Clank as well.

Ratchet and Clank later caught up to Neftin Prog on planet Silox to complete his plan. Vendra then brought Mr. Eye into the dimension, though Mr. Eye betrayed them, calling them mere pawns in his plan and threw Vendra into the Netherverse. Neftin then helped Ratchet and Clank escape, holding back Mr. Eye telling them that they were his best chance of rescuing his sister and that she was their best chance of banishing the nethers, and requested that they meet him on planet Thram.

Ratchet and Clank then spoke to Neftin in their hideout on Thram. He then gave them the tourbot to the Intergalactic Museum of History, informing them that they could use it to access the museum and take the Dimensionator inside, find Vendra and send the nethers back. Ratchet agreed on the condition that Neftin and Vendra turned themselves in afterwards and went to jail, to which Neftin reluctantly agreed. Neftin then agreed to help them, Qwark, Pollyx, Talwyn Apogee and a Thug to retrieve and fix the real Dimensionator. When Ratchet had sufficiently damaged Mr. Eye and Clank had retrieved Vendra, Neftin used the Dimensionator to open a portal to the Netherverse, which Vendra threw the nethers into. Keeping his word, Neftin picked up Vendra and forced her to go to jail with him as per Ratchet's request.



Neftin Prog new.png

Neftin Prog is a cyborg, whose framework is a colossal giant thanks to the biological and cybernetic enhancements he has received. His right eye is a prosthetic and his arms have two electrified club-shaped whips attached. Like Vendra, his skin is completely pale and his hair is reddish-pink but with two white streaks.


Neftin is very loyal and protective of his sister Vendra, his only family when growing up, and is willing to go to great lengths to protect her, including committing dangerous crimes and allying with his nemesis. However, he is the more reasonable of the two twins, and objects to deaths that he sees as pointless, and will sometimes unsuccessfully try to talk his sister out of it. He is also less driven by a desire to reunite with the rest of his kind than Vendra, and is instead driven to help his sister. He is however submissive to his sister, even when she is abusive towards him, as he understands how she became like this. Neftin has a sense of honor and respect, as he was able to keep his promise made to Ratchet and turn himself in.


Neftin Prog with a Thugs-4-Less agent

Did you know that Neftin never lost a fight?

Vendra commenting on her brother's strength making him unbeatable, ItN

Neftin serves as the muscle of the two twins, as thanks to his cybernetic and biological modifications, he has frightening strength, reflexes and power, and a hulking figure. He is strong enough to hold back Mr. Eye for a period of time. He also possesses two electrified mace-like whips, which he can use to temporarily float in the air. His incredible size and muscle came at a cost, as he was not agile or nimble enough to infiltrate the Intergalactic Museum of History and could not fit through many gaps.

While Vendra is the brains of the two, Neftin is still a capable tactician and a skilled mechanic. He was able to bribe officials, coordinate a galactic-wide crime wave and command the Thugs-4-Less in his goal to rescue Vendra. He was also able to repair the Dimensionator.

Behind the scenes

Neftin Prog in Qwark's presentation

Neftin Prog's voice actor in Into the Nexus is Fred Tatasciore.[1]

Neftin Prog was referenced in the 2016 reboot game and reboot movie as a villain who had attempted to turn the entire population of Aridia colorblind twice, which Qwark had stopped both times.