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The Nefarious Troopers were the robotic enforcers of the Nefarious Empire in Rivet's dimension and fiercely loyal followers of Emperor Nefarious, a dimensional counterpart of Dr. Nefarious. They are the primary enemy faction of Rift Apart, fought by Ratchet and Rivet. These uncompromising soldiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, dedicating their synthetic lives to ferreting out rebels and dissidents. Their only goal is to gleefully spread the Emperor's cold, terrifying love across the universe. Throughout the course of Rift Apart, the Trooper's armor and weapons will be upgraded, making them able to take more damage and inflict more themselves.

When a Trooper has proven themselves as a capable soldier in the Nefarious Army, they will be promoted and given the chance to join new ranks. The troopers are also the pilots of the many Seekerpedes that patrol the skies of Nefarious City and scan remote planets for signs of rebel activity. Sometimes, when the bodies of these higher ranked soldiers are destroyed, the Nefarious Troopers will eject themselves out and continue to attack. When fighting the higher ranks it is suggested to aim your weapon attacks at their weak points, that being their orange domed heads, to prevent them ejecting.

When not plugged into their more powerful bodies, the Nefarious Troopers function as a typical swarmer enemy type, rushing Ratchet or Rivet in large groups to get in close and will attack them using a short ranged laser attack from their front. Being a swarmer type of enemy they will die in one hit from any weapon. Weapons with a quick, wide rate of fire such as the Burst Pistol, lightning Rod, Buzz Blades and Blackhole Storm, will work especially well on them.

Behaviour and characteristics

Rivet faces down an army of Nefarious Troopers

Like Dr. Nefarious' own Troopers from A Crack In Time, the Emperor's Troopers share some qualities with their master, the most distinct being his color scheme with orange transparent domes, white bodies and also having penchants for using verbs for destroying such as "annihilate" in their speech. They take great, malicious joy in their jobs of serving the Emperor, always having a jovial tone to their voices and laughing even when committing heinous acts in his name. The Troopers seem to have robotic superiority complexes and are heard proclaiming their total robot domination and often referring to organic life-forms as "squishies". They also have both male and female genders, as heard from their voices. The Troopers seem to have a strong sense of camaraderie amongst eachother, warning other Troopers of potential dangers from their enemies and often referring to eachother as "friend". In their absolute devotion to the Emperor, they believe they are helping lifeforms by bringing them under his subjugaton.

They are created in manufacturing facilities controlled by the Empire across the universe, one of the most notable being in the uniquely powerful Rubion Forge at the Kedaro Station on planet Cordelion. The Troopers all possess flight capabilities using hover propulsions from their base. Each one of the Troopers has three eyes on the ends of stalks, with each eye capable of free independent movement for multidirectional visibility at all times. Every Trooper posesses an audiovisual device on their front, allowing them to audibly project their speech and a medium ranged, lethal laser attack. They receive sustenance from fuel sources called Protein Cubes, which have delivery shipments made to bases or areas rife with patrolling Troopers.


Unit Description
Nefarious Trooper The most basic rank that all soldiers in the Nefarious Army start from. Armed with a single, standard-issue laser attack.
Nefarious Lasertrooper Elite Nefarious Bots, armed with twin ion-flux lasers.
Nefarious Slugger Specialized ground, melee unit of the Nefarious Troopers with mega-mass maces attached to each arm.
Nefarious Peacekeeper Aerial patrol vehicle, outfitted with a pair of Nefarious Troopers, with one focusing on piloting and the other targeting it's neutron field cannon.
Nefarious Sniperbot Aerial Nefarious Troopers mounted on devastating, fusion-drive cannons.
Nefarious Blitztrooper Aerial Nefarious Troopers with a pair of quad-blasters.
Nefarious Dropship Durable attack dropship for deploying Nefarious Troopers behind enemy lines. It is a fully automated drone that can also be manually flown by Troopers.
Nefarious Juggernaut Powerful miniboss unit of the Nefarious Troopers.
Seekerpede Powerful major boss unit, piloted by Nefarious Troopers.

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