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Ratchet battling a group of Nefarious Troopers on-board Vorselon's ship

The Nefarious troopers were the robotic minions of Doctor Nefarious during his campaign in the Polaris Galaxy. Originally and primarily manufactured in the Tombli Outpost on planet Zanifar, they would become the Doctor's new soldiers, also serving under his allies; Lord Vorselon on his warship and Pollyx in his corporate HQ, respectively.

They also patrolled space in saucers and kept tabs on the Phylax Sector, Vela Sector, Bernilius Sector and Corvus Sector with spy satellites that alerted their fleets of danger.

Like most of Dr. Nefarious's creations (such as Klunk or the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler), they shared at least one quality with their creator; in this case, a visible cranium covered by green glass, referring to organic life forms as "squishies" and saying the word "annihilate" frequently.


There were standard units as well as Nefarious's elite, upgraded Chronoguard variants.

The standard soldier classes in the robotic army consisted of:

Other information

There was a mini-game in the Insomniac Museum that allowed players to design their own pair of Agorian soldiers and pit them against up to 4 waves of Nefarious Troopers, starting out with standard units and ending with a Protomantis in the final round.

Behind the scenes

According to the Insomniac Museum, they were based on robots from science fiction B-movies. In concept art they were given the name of Nefarious Minions.

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