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The Nefarious Space Station! An impenetrable fortress fraught with danger and… err… windows!

The Nefarious Space Station was a colossal space station that served as the headquarters of the evil mad scientist, Dr. Nefarious, during his campaign in the Polaris Galaxy. It was located in the Bernilius Sector of the Breegus System, and was protected by the Nefarious Station Barrier. The station was shaped to look like Nefarious's head, also having two large rings around it. The lower ring contained a landing bay for Nefarious's ships. The eyes of the station fired the Hypernova Defense Lasers, which was used against attackers as well as to keep asteroids clear from the perimeter. The Asteroid Flinger 5000 was installed in the "mouth" of the ship to provide a highly ironic death scenario (launching Ratchet and Clank into space on an asteroid).


The station was created by Pollyx Industries, and was also worked on by Fongoid prisoners at the Tombli Outpost, the primary manufacturing plant for Nefarious Troopers and starships. There were several cargo ships, floating platforms and asteroids around the various parts of the station's perimeter. The Nefarious Space Station was roughly one-third the size of Axiom City.[1]


A hologram of the completed Nefarious Space Station in the Tombli Outpost

Ratchet and Clank, with the help of Qwark, ventured around the station, traversing the orbiting asteroids, machinery, and the inner reachings of the station (including the trash compactor where a Rogue's head could be found) in order to face Dr. Nefarious. During the fight with Nefarious, the Nefarious Space Station exploded, destroying nearly every trace of its existence. Although it was later revealed that Nefarious had simply escaped during the explosion.[2]

On Igliak, Ratchet later made a joke to Dr. Nefarious saying that his new space station (which was actually just a ship) was smaller than the last one. "The last one" being the Nefarious Space Station. When obtaining bolts, Nefarious himself would occasionally quip that with a few billion more he'd have a new space station.[2]

Outer perimeter

The Outer Perimeter was a location at the Nefarious Space Station. There, Ratchet and Clank met Qwark and stopped Dr. Nefarious leaving the station. The perimeter homed one Zoni and one Constructo mod.

Behind the scenes

When the small ship Nefarious was on crashed into the station, one of the station's eyes was knocked loose and a large crack appeared in the green glass dome, making it look like Nefarious himself did when Ratchet blew his face up before it explodes.

Another, possibly larger, space station based on someone's face existed in the universe, being based on Dr. Klauss Blackmatter's face. Unlike the Nefarious Space Station however, it wasn't ridiculous nor overpowered like Nefarious's station. This is only mentioned in one trivia point in the loading screen, and said point also states that the Nefarious Space Station is the largest ridiculously overpowered head-shaped space station in the universe.

A similar but unnamed space station appeared in Ratchet & Clank: Life of Pie.

Non-Ratchet & Clank appearances

The Nefarious Space Station makes a brief appearance in the background of the San Francisco stage when the stage is beamed up into space in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale alongside Dr. Nefarious.

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