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Nanotech Boost on Dobbo.

Nanotech boosts are rare collectibles in Going Commando which add another nanotech point to Ratchet's maximum nanotech without filling an experience bar. There are ten nanotech boosts that can be found throughout the locations in the game, meaning they are necessary for obtaining the "Nano to the max!" skill point, as well as the accompanying "Nano to the Max" trophy.



Map of Megapolis

After "Win the Infiltrator"

A nanotech boost is found in the second crane area in the "Rescue Clank from the thief" route. In the second room of the area, it is locked behind a door which can only be opened with the Infiltrator.

Feltzin System

A nanotech boost is found in a cargo bay in the middle of the space station, near the floor at the bottom in a gap. Either of the two entrances on the outside of the space station can lead to this boost (and it is visible in the "Race Through the Asteroids" challenge).


The nanotech boost is earned by completing "Explore the Promenade", and found at the end of the path.


Map of the mining facility

The nanotech boost is found along the "Explore the area" mission's path, at the top of the fourth pillar in the lava-filled canyon that is traversed with the Glider. Using the Glider you must slowly gain height as you fly through the canyon, until you can eventually reach the boost atop the pillar. However, it is possible to do it without the Glider On the ramp leading down to a short tunnel at the beginning, it is possible to jump to the right and use the Heli-Pack to stretch jump and glide to the boost, as the pillar is reachable from there.


The nanotech boost is located in the room with the Glider launch pad in the underground facility, and can only be reached using the Glider along the "Repair the power generator" route. The boost is reached by entering the first room, pulling up sharply near the first right corner to hit it from below. There are two possible ways to obtain it. For the first, reach the end of the Glider path, then before landing, take a sharp turn to the left and circle back through the course to the beginning, then take a sharp turn upwards to obtain it; this requires running the length of the course twice. For the other way, glide through the first room and pull up in the large room with the many cross-shaped structures. After the Glider stalls in the air, take a sharp turn around and nose dive until the Glider picks up momentum again, then continue back to the start and pick up the nanotech boost.


There are two nanotech boosts on Joba. The first is obtained during the "Joba Circuit" race (or any hoverbike race with all shortcuts unlocked): in the large swamp at the beginning, take a sharp turn to the right to find a shortcut through the track. Along this shortcut, the nanotech boost is found in a wide bend on the left side.

The second is found near the start of the "Enter the Megacorp Games" route. Before heading into the first tunnel on the left at the start of the path, use the Dynamo activator to the right of the entrance, then quickly run to the other Dynamo activator to create the bridge across. Cross the obstacle course quickly and head into the small room that opens on the right at the end to obtain the nanotech boost.


The nanotech boost is found inside the rocket silo (the "Search the rocket silo" route). After crossing the minefield and taking the elevator down, the use the walkway that leads along the wall of the silo. Before entering the door to the next room, smash the bolt crates on the left to reveal a hidden Infiltrator port. Complete the Infiltrator puzzle and an elevator will descend; take it up to the second walkway, where the nanotech boost is found.


The nanotech boost is found near the start of the "Find Mr. Fizzwidget" route, after taking the right stairs in the first building (instead of the left) onto a street. On the opposite end of the stairway is an elevator, to the left of which is a fountain. The nanotech boost can be found on top of it every odd hour.


The nanotech boost is found at the very beginning of the area, on the roof of the very first tower reached with the Swingshot. It is reached by using the Swingshot across the versa-targets and then gliding to barely reach the edge of the roof. For this, it is important to get as much momentum as possible before reaching the top, which can be done by swinging back and forth on the first of three versa-targets until enough momentum is built up, and then keeping that momentum till the last jump. It is impossible to gain enough momentum from swinging on only one versa-target, thus all three must be used in succession.