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The Nanophytes were a scavenger species that traveled to the Lombax Ruins of Fastoon. They were very similar to that of the Vukovar tribesmans of planet Barlow in the Bogon Galaxy in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. Both were raiding abandoned planets; the tribesmans were raiding the old Gadgetron store on Barlow, while the Nanophytes were raiding the Lombax city on planet Fastoon. After the Lombaxes left the planet, Nanophytes inhabited the many ruins, finding as many resources as they could that were left by the Lombaxes- such as in the Raritanium Mine.

A Clubber Nanophyte


They always carried weapons with them, the lower class', the Clubber Nanophytes wielded clubs, while the more higher class', the Bomber Nanophytes, defended themselves by throwing bombs. These bombs were ignited via a green liquid, presumably found in Fastoon. The Nanophyte also have defensive perimeters around special Nanophyte Spawners that spawn Clubber Nanophytes and Bomber Nanophytes.


The Nanophytes were divided into two groups: the clubbers, that often took the front line risking whatever they could, and the bombers, that would throw as many explosives as they could, even if it meant carelessly taking out the clubbers.

Their skin color ranged from red and maroon for the clubbers, to a light brown for the bombers. They had blue eyes, and seemed to have some sort of antenna on their heads.

Locations encountered


  • Their name, Nanophyte, sounds like "Nano Fight," nano which means small, and phyte sounds like "fight" implies they are "Nano Fighters," meaning small fighters.
  • It is not known what happened to them during the second visit to Fastoon. They might only look for things in the daytime.
  • They are similar to the Vullard from Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, only more aggressive than the Vullards.


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