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Nano-Swarmers? He ain't fightin' fair!

Space Pirates being attacked by Nano-Swarmers, QfB

The Nano-Swarmers weapon is a weapon manufactured by GrummelNet Industries in Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. It is a glove which deploys a hive of aggressive "nanosects" which sting enemies to death, guided by a targeting laser on the hives.

The Nano-Swarmers can be upgraded to the Toxic Swarmers with use. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Omega Toxic Swarmers.


Tools of Destruction

The Nano-Swarmers was available upon reaching planet Ardolis for 65,000 bolts from any weapon vendor. It could be upgraded with Raritanium mods to improve various aspects of it, and its special Raritanium upgrade was the Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode, which would cause the targeting laser to freeze enemies. With use, it could be upgraded to the Toxic Swarmers. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Omega Nano-Swarmers for 9,000,000 bolts.

Quest for Booty

The Nano-Swarmers were acquired from the Smuggler for free upon reaching Darkwater Cove. It began at V3, and could be upgraded to the Toxic Swarmers with use. The Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode mod could be found hidden away around a corner in the Lyothin Caves. Ratchet had to turn left after killing the Pythor, smash crates, and then use the Helio-grub to find the upgrade.


The Nano-Swarmers hive

The Nano-Swarmers glove is a yellow glove with purple highlights, and on top of the back of the wrist of the glove is a yellow pod, presumably from which the hives launch. The Toxic Swarmers glove is a completely purple weapon with a larger yellow pod at the back.

The hives deployed are large hives with a long stalk, a yellow hive, and a pod on top from which the targeting laser seeks enemies. When deployed, they are swarmed with nanosects, and upon depletion over time, the number of visible nanosects decrease. When none remain, the hives are gone.


The Nano-Swarmers deploys hives which send nanosects to attack enemies. The nanosects will attack whichever enemy is targeted by the targeting laser at the top, and once that enemy is defeated, will move onto the next threat. It is useful against all types of threat and can be deployed very strategically, making it useful as a defensive weapon that adds damage to Ratchet's firepower from other weapons. However, its downside is that it is slower to defeat enemies than many other weapons, meaning that it can be outclassed against some foes. While it remains useful throughout as additional firepower, the firepower it adds becomes less significant over time.

The Nano-Swarmers in Tools of Destruction can receive many Raritanium mods. More damage, bigger area, and more ammo improve the weapon across the board, while more bolts is a nice bonus. In both Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty, its Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode is extremely useful at improving its defensive capabilities, as it can freeze enemies, therefore slowing them down before they reach Ratchet. When upgraded to the Toxic Swarmers, the nanosects have a toxic injection of Zanifarian death weasel venom, allowing them to damage enemies over time, and making the weapon more powerful offensively and defensively.