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An excellent all-purpose weapon for a variety of situations.

Gadgetron's description of the weapon., UYA

The N60 Storm is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Up Your Arsenal. It is a blaster which fires energy blasts from both of its barrels at a fast rate of fire, and functions as an all-purpose weapon.

The N60 Storm is made available immediately upon reaching Florana for 15,000 bolts. It can be upgraded to the N90 Hurricane with use. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega N90 Hurriance for 460,000 bolts.


The N60 Storm is an orange pistol with glowing highlights, a glowing magazine and (at V3) a glowing scope. It features two barrels from which it fires orange energy blasts at enemies. The N90 Hurricane is an orange rifle which features two longer barrels vertically rather than horizontally, silver highlights, and a left-hand grip.

In multiplayer, the N60 Storm has the appearance of the N90 Hurricane.


The N60 Storm fires at a fast rate of fire at enemies. It is an all-purpose weapon, and adaptable to most situations, as it can be useful against small enemies, large enemies, and bosses. Early on it is therefore very useful, but outclassed later by much more powerful weapons with more devastating effects.

At V2, the N60 Storm's shots can ricochet around to damage more enemies. At V3, they can lock onto a single target. At V4, the shots also feature electricity, which will hit nearby enemies after the first target is damaged, making it even stronger against larger mobs. At V5, it will upgrade to the N90 Hurricane, which deals much more damage. Due to the all-purpose use of the weapon, it is useful to upgrade it early to be able to deal with most threats at this stage in the game.

In Challenge Mode, the N90 Hurricane can be upgraded to become the Mega N90 Hurricane at V6, the Giga N90 Hurricane at V7 and the Omega N90 Hurricane at V8, gaining a significant boost in attack power that allows players to make short work of some of the game's tougher enemies using it.

Behind the scenes

If the user tapped the fire button as fast as possible, the N60 Storm could fire extremely fast (as fast as the player's trigger finger) instead of the steady stream. However, it became very hard to aim when firing like this. Most of the time this could come out to be about 500 shots a minute instead of 180 shots a minute.

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