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The Mystic,[1][2] also known as the guru,[1][3] or alternatively the new ager,[4] is a character in Going Commando. He is a peculiar character. He has an affinity for desert crystals on Tabora and moonstones on Grelbin, and is capable of using these items to achieve minor miracles.


Ratchet and Clank first encountered the Mystic on Tabora during "Find a ship". After Captain Qwark disguised as Abercrombie Fizzwidget destroyed their ship, the Star Explorer, the two needed to find a new ship to leave the planet. They encountered the Star Explorer, still crushed, with the Mystic standing near it. When Ratchet proclaimed the ship was his, the Mystic stated that "possession is an illusion", and that "all things belong to the cosmos", but promised to fix his ship if he brought back ten desert crystals. Ratchet obliged, as he had no better ideas, commencing the mission "Return crystals to mystic".[5] Much to his surprise, the Mystic fixed Ratchet's ship, and promised to trade any remaining crystals for bolts.

The Mystic, working as a Life Coach.

The Mystic appeared as a life coach in the Thugs-4-Less Prison on Aranos, featuring in the video brochure. He was one of ten full-time life coaches on board the vessel, there to help inmates "find their smile".[6]

Ratchet and Clank encountered the Mystic again on Grelbin. With a large boulder blocking their entrance to a tunnel required to meet Angela Cross, the Mystic advised them against violence when they failed to move it themselves, claiming that the "holistic resonance of moonstones may yet guide these wayward forces" and allow him to move the rock in exchange for nine moonstones, commencing "Bring Moonstones to Mystic"[7] Ratchet obliged, and the Mystic offered to give them a part for the Hypnomatic, in exchange for sixteen moonstones, in "Trade moonstones for Hypnomatic Part". After presenting them, Ratchet used the Mystic's language, claiming he had an "illusion" of moonstones and would trade them for a "vision" of the Hypnomatic part. This pleased the Mystic, who obliged and granted the part, before saying that riches would be his reward if he obtained more.[8]

In Up Your Arsenal, the Mystic appeared briefly when he attended the movie premiere of the Secret Agent Clank film.


The Mystic, meditating on planet Grelbin.

The Mystic is an old, blue man who claims to be detached from the material world, and often meditates. He appears in mostly quiet areas away from civilization. His species is ambiguous, and he appears vaguely similar to a Thug. It is also reminiscent of two species not native to the Bogon Galaxy: his skin tone is similar to Novalis' native population, while his body shape is similar to a Rilgar man.

The Mystic preaches non-violence,[7] belief in the forces of the "cosmos",[7][5] and believes that material possessions or objects are merely illusions.[5][8] He appears to follow an unknown religion.

Behind the scenes

The Mystic was originally going to be three-eyed, and went through many iterations.[9] He was voiced by James Arnold Taylor, who also voices Ratchet.