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Mungo is a boss in Size Matters. He is a large and ferocious beast fought in the Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon, guarding the inner-most area in "Search the factory" while Ratchet and Clank were looking for Luna. Mungo has a vaguely ape-like bodyshape, with a vague yellow skin color on his underbelly and bottom side of his arms, and light purple elsewhere, except for the dark purple on his back. He has small spikes on-top of his head, as well as his back. His arms are large and powerful, and are mainly used to swat foes or throw security drones at targets. He can also use them to hang from the ceiling and move around to avoid danger on the ground. He also has enough intelligence to use objects to attack, such as ripping off one of the pipes on the floor to hit enemies with.



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