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Come on down to Planet Mukow and enjoy a night of entertainment without any ulterior motive or deception. Offer only valid for fuzzy, long-eared orphans and their tiny robotic companions.

Qwark inviting Ratchet and Clank to planet Mukow., ToD

Mukow was a stormy aquatic planet in the Cerullean Sector. It was home to Emperor Percival Tachyon's Imperial Fight Festival, an exclusive battle resort for Tachyon's most elite troops. Tachyon used the Fight Festival as a means to both entertain his troops, to capture his enemies or lure them into fighting to their deaths. At such an occasion, Tachyon put the Holo Pirate Disguise as a prize in the Festival in hopes of luring Captain Slag there to his doom.

Surrounding the gladiator arena of the Fight Festival was a large carnival park. The carnival park featured things such as a large and deathly ferris wheel and Emperor Tachyon's Trail of Turning Terror. The area near the entrance to the arena was heavily guarded by non-vacationing Drophyd troops and Enforcers.

After Tachyon's attack on Metropolis, Qwark used his powers as world-class suckup to get Tachyon to take him into his service. Tachyon put Qwark in charge of the Imperial Fight Festival. Qwark kept no loyalty to Tachyon; however, and immediately contacted Ratchet and Clank to come there and compete, so that he could give them important information about the Lombax Secret. While Ratchet was competing, Qwark disguised him

The Imperial Fight Festival on Mukow

as the superhero Mustachio Furioso with a fake mustache and glasses. Ratchet soon managed to defeat both of the Festival's top gladiators, Crushto and Zorthan.



Mukow concept art

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