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Mrs. Zurkon is a boss in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) fought on Quartu in the factory in Skorg City. She was a giant synthenoid that released several blargian controlled Mr. Zurkons to fight against the Galactic Rangers.

Mrs. Zurkon is a new boss to the 2016 game, and did not appear in the original Ratchet & Clank.


Mrs. Zurkon was fought in the mission "Investigate the factory". She was sent by Chairman Drek along with the Zurkons to defend the factory when the Rangers attacked. Before Ratchet, Clank, and Cora Veralux were able to hack the security terminal to learn about Drek's plan, Mrs. Zurkon arrived to stop them. Brax Lectrus appeared at the last minute, but was blasted by Mrs. Zurkon's cannon, knocking him out of the fight. Cora suggested Ratchet and Clank fight her, and the two eventually destroyed her, allowing them to hack the terminal.


Mrs. Zurkon was a giant synthenoid with a larger form than the basic Mr. Zurkon. She was green and grey, with a golden pearl necklace, a large torso (that Mr. Zurkon lacked), thrusters in place of feet, and a cannon for her left arm. Her arm cannon was capable of firing a powerful homing shot, and she was capable of using several Zurkons to form a shield in front of her.

Behind the scenes

Mrs. Zurkon uses the same model as Mrs. Zurkon from Into the Nexus, though it is greatly enlarged. In Into the Nexus, Mrs. Zurkon was instead an ally, appearing to help Ratchet once Mr. Zurkon reached level 3 and became the "Zurkon Family".